VSonic GR07 Bass Edition Impressions

  1. Shawn71

    Yes you are correct.......unless he bought them used (the old red candy stripes) or received a new pair from old stick with good deal somewhere.(ali/ebay-stock clearance?)
  2. shahkhan
    Its new model with silver cable. DSC_0957.jpg
  3. shahkhan
    Currently LMUE have the best deal selling these for 101 bucks.
  4. shahkhan
    I am using sony xperia Z3 as a source, but i believe i would need an amp to drive them properly. Please share your experience about amping the Gr07BE.
  5. dbdynsty25

    There is no way that you need an amp to drive the GR07BEs. They are definitely efficient.
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  6. shahkhan
    Hmm, Then i think there is seal issue. Can you please tell me what eartips and source you are using to drive these. Iwant little more bass from these.
  7. shahkhan
    I have made an unboxing video.
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  8. UnityIsPower
    I'm using an iPhone 6s Plus with native music player and the included double flange tips or single flange Sony greens. They don't sound the same as the pair they replace. That said, it could just be me, they changed the sound, or I have a defective pair. My method of increasing their bass presence was to hit treble reducer in the music's app settings. I liked how they sounded without it however and used it only in certain occasions. I'm trying to sent them to get measured but I might not be able depending how my work issues go.
  9. dbdynsty25
    I use a OnePlus 3T and I use the included medium silicone tips.  I use VSonic tips on virtually all of my headphones, as I like them the most out of anything I've tried.  I've been through Spinfits, Spiral Dots, Sony Hybrids, etc...I always go back to the stock VSonic silicone tip.
  10. shahkhan
    Ok, Good. One plus 3??Whats special about that? Do you think dac and amp stage in one plus3 competes with the likes of htc, sony or  iphone6? Plz give your impressions on bass produced from oneplus3. I am planning to go for htc m10 or fiio X1 2nd gen as a source. Should i go for one plus 3 instead?
  11. Mozu

    I'm not the only one. Crazy.
  12. dbdynsty25
    The OnePlus 3 is a damn good source.  Pretty flat, goes pretty loud and just is good sounding overall.  Easily competes with the ones you mentioned.  If you want the best DAC in a phone, you get the Axon 7 though.  They did a great job with that DAC chip.
  13. shahkhan
    what about the bass?
  14. shahkhan
    well after listning to gr07 b for a week, i thik they are too bass shy for my taste. I believe I would have gone for dunu titan 1, rha ma750 or eph-100 sort of earphones.
  15. dbdynsty25
    Or something like the V-MODA Forza Metallo or their Zn...both have more bass quantity, which clearly is important to you, than the VSonics.  Even though they say they are Bass Editions, they really aren't that bass heavy.

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