VSonic GR07 Bass Edition Impressions

  1. shahkhan
    hmm, what should i do with Gr07B? Is their any way I can sell or exchange them??
  2. suba3333
    Interesting, I currently have the Fiio EX1 (same as Dunu Titan1) and was considering buying the GR07 BE as a backup.
  3. shahkhan
    I can exchange my gr07 with jvc fxt90 if you want.
  4. MidFiMoney
    So, I just received the "New" GR07 Bass (2016). I previously owned the older GR07 Bass Edition. I was a huge fan of it until it failed. QC issues kept me from purchasing it again. I decided to take another chance on the new. From memory, it sounds just as good as the older one and the build seems to slightly better. No sloppy glue work this time around! If these have improved durability, it will be hard to beat in its price range. In my experience and for my preferences, it is the best price to performance IEM under $500. Of course, I haven't heard everything. I've also heard that the FLC 8S is a direct upgrade over the GR07 so we will see about that when they arrive later this week. Just my 2 cents.
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  5. MidFiMoney
    Update: I know I'm not the first person to say this but I have to bring it up. If anyone is looking for a solid upgrade from the GR07 (any model), you owe it to yourself to try the FLC 8S. In a nutshell, it's a refined GR07 with an unprecedented number of tuning options. I just got the FLC 8S and I'm completely sold. It is now my daily driver. It stacks up very well against everything I have (see signature)! I still love my GR07BE though. 
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  6. smy1

    Get the vivo ex800, they are basically the same driver and are better built then the gr07 but have small sound differences from what I heard and they are only like $16-$20 on AliExpress

    But beware they are fakes so check out the Chinese thread if your interested.
  7. Jakkal
    Unfortunately my favorite GR07 BE died after three and a half years of use [​IMG] and I need to buy new main IEM. Is there anything better for the money or GR07 is still the king? 
    I just saw that there is a new detachable version on the lendmeurears site. I would like to try it, but I'm not sure how durable those connectors are. [​IMG]
  8. shahkhan
    Go for RHA MA750, you wont regret.
  9. wolfxomg
    Well I wanted to update VSonic people from my experience,
    First the GR07 Sound is fantastic no doubt, IE80 can't match to this level of detail I tried both of these before jumping to Dunu DN1000 and was very happy except for the QC issues I had with these posted in 2015 about these I had for a week. For all the people here who wants more Bass, I'd suggest you to get the DN1000, It beats the IE80s with the clarity across full spectrum with strong Bass and Sub Bass extension making it a fair upgrade for the GR07 BE users who need more Bass & Clarity with the Hybrid drivers, Perfectly tuned Dyn Driver, Just mind the sibilance tho tame the treble a bit and you are good easily driven too, IE80s don't have this siblance DN1K do exhibit but not to the extent of GR07s..even bests RHA MA750s in the sound due to the Hybrid drivers.
    Hope this helps.
  10. Jakkal
    I've decided to get the GR07 Bass again and bought the new 2017 detachable version, at the same time I've managed to fix my old GR07 BE and now I have them both and will keep the old one for backup [​IMG]. I really like the new look and build of the new version, it seems more durable and the cable is definitely better for me. The old cable is too soft and thin, the new one is perfect. The only problem is the tips selection - only 5 [​IMG] and of course none of them fit my ears, which is ridiculous compared to the insane amount of tips the old one had , so I have to use tips from my old BE. Other than that I'm super happy. [​IMG]
  11. ForceMajeure
    I dig the new look
  12. genwaste
    Does anyone know where to get repalcement cable for the 2017 detachabe edition? I can't seem to find any. 
  13. Tom42
    The left side of my AN16 gone silent, so i need a new earphone. After some search it looks like i stay with Vsonic. At this price range i did not found any better for my taste. So i go with the Gr07 BE. My only question is, should i go for the fix or detachable version? I remember when Vsonic first came out the detachable version earphones, they had some problems.
  14. Jakkal
    I'm using the detachable version for a few months now and I have no problems whatsoever. I would say go for the detachable version.
  15. murrmax
    I've had the GR07be s . for a few weeks now, at first the sibilance was too much and I almost gave up; but after 40hr's or so settled down and now the treble is tolerable. The occasional track the sibilance raises it's ugly head - I really don't like sibilance .
    For my musical preferences they are good, (rock, EDM, pop) they're not perfect the treble is the weakness doesn't extend up and lower treble is dominant - the treble reminds me of a compression driver - a little unrefined. Midrange and bass are excellent clean and relatively neutral, bass doesn't go subbass superlow but low enough.
    I like the fact they have a speaker like sound and remind me of large monitor speakers .
    I also like the fact they are not fussy about what they're driven by so works well for me as portable sound phone, laptop. I would like something better in the treble but this is the sweet spot for value and higher quality iems start to get fussy about whats driving them and get too worried about losing them and have to be too precious.

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