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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. ThomasHK
    This little amp is pretty spectacular for use with IEMs. It reports better performance figures for all metrics than MOJO feeding low impedance loads (16/32 Ohm) for typical power usage (<= 1mW). Better THD, better IMD, better SNR. Sweet.
  2. ekolite
    Best sounding portable amp I have ever heard. Gave mine up because of battery life. Can't stand having to charge something for 5 hours to enjoy some music. I would get a hum when trying to listen while charging. I hate rechargable batteries. At least ones with short/middling battery life. Hope someday they make a good dap with aa or aaa battery support. Swap the batteries in, bam, you are good to go for a while.
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  3. Jmop
    Any comparisons to the Mustang or Glacier?
  4. Jmop
  5. KowalskiFUT
    Has anybody compared Pure II+ with Continental V5?
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  6. obileye obiyemi
    Yes Yes please! +1
  7. Bosk
    I'm also very interested in hearing from anyone who has compared them.
  8. musicmaker
    I've been listening to the Pure II+ for a few days. Already own a Larocco PRII mk2 and RSA SR-71A. I am SO impressed with the Pure II+. A transparent window into the music. Fast and precise come to mind. One of the very best portables I've heard and I've heard a whole bunch of them. What a stunning little amp !
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  9. Jmop
    How do you like it compared to the SR-71A? I have the Mustang and I figure the two are similar enough that a comparison would help give me an idea of how the Pure II+ sounds.
  10. musicmaker
    The SR-71A is a great amp in its own right. Love the bass presentation of this amp. It does it SO well with great impact. It is a warm sound with a slightly rolled off treble. I wasn't too impressed with the soundstage though. Its wide but not deep. You're on stage. Switching over to the Pure II+. You're with the audience a few rows to the front. Equally impressive width but much better depth and height. The Pure II+ is a beautifully transparent amp, with perhaps a hint of warmth and superb resolution. And it does this without sounding analytical. It has great bass although SR-71A has a slight edge here with its more on-your-face presentation but Pure II+ has better treble extension. And its mids are also more transparent. Hope this helps.
  11. Jmop
    That does definitely help! Thank you for the in depth description. Still curious how it fairs against the Mustang since the Mustang has great depth and imaging as well because of the extended treble, although less bass extension than the SR-71A or so I’ve read. I’ve also read that the Pure II is a touch on the bright side, do you agree? I like a nice forward presentation but I prefer the priority of the forwardness to be in the vocal region rather than the treble or bass which is why I like the Mustang and even the Apex Glacier so much.
  12. musicmaker
    I would not call the Pure II+ bright. Its neutral and faithful to the source. This is the best portable I've heard to date.
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  13. Jmop
    Oh man, I gotta try this thing. Very pricy though. Hopefully an opportunity will present itself. Thanks again.
  14. XybernetIQ
    Do you by chance have had an opportunity to test it with headphones like Aeon Flow?
    Just eyed this amp.lately and I wonder if this beauty will be able to drive the Aeons. Many thanks!
  15. musicmaker
    I have the aeon flow closed. They are not that hard to drive. The Pure II+ drives it without breaking a sweat. It sounds great with my Fostex TH900 and Sony Z1R as well.
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