Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. kyku
    Anyone can compare Pure2+ vs TEAC HA-P5.
    My DAP: AK300.
    My Headphones: Beoplay H6 (2nd Gen).
  2. ken6217
    Is there any sound quality difference between the current Vorzuge Pure 2 and the previous generation? I am going to be using it with a RWAK100S and 64 Audio A12 CIEM.
  3. ken6217
    What gain setting should be used for an IEM @ 16 ohms?
  4. vrapan
    Probably low, it is very clean with most sensitive IEMs at low and yet it does not struggle with volume
  5. raypin
    Mm..for all iems, I always use the lowest gain setting on the Vorzuge Pure II Plus. One telltale sign that you are overdoing it is there's a noticeable hiss on your in-ear. On almost all my headphones, the mid gain is adequate.
  6. ken6217
    Thanks a lot guys.
    So is there a general rule of thumb as far as where the volume knob should be in terms of knowing that it is too high and you should probably switch to a higher gain? 
  7. raypin
    Mm...hard and fast fast rule I follow: at the lowest gain setting, gradually set the volume to around 50%. If that is your normal listening volume, you are good to go. If not, zero the volume and turn it off.. Switch to the next gain setting. Start over. If it is too much, go back.
  8. WCDchee
    I personally find the mod and high gain of the pure 2 to be fuller and more authoritative sounding regardless of volume.
  9. ken6217
    Has anyone compared the Pure ll +, or even the VorzAMPduo ll?
  10. Krisna13
    Can anyone confirm that this has enough juice to power the Hifiman HE500 or Fostex t50rp mk3?
  11. ThomasHK
    Just received Pure II+, pairing it with Mojo and Katana. First impression after 3 hours listening: wow!

    VS Mojo standalone : stronger dynamically, more bass slam, richer mids, particularly noticeable on male vocals, darker background (zero hiss on low gain to my ears). Very impressed so far.

    Tomorrow will try on medium gain, based on what I'm reading here there's further improvement there. Not sure how that will play out though as the Katanas are super sensitive.
  12. ThomasHK
    Thanks man. Not sure what you're trying to say here though. 122dB compared to what? dB's are relative. 122dB SNR?
  13. shigzeo Contributor
    What do you mean by: '122dB compared to what?'

    It is tied for #1 best-testing amp to pass my office.
  14. ThomasHK
    Decibels are always relative to something.
    For example
    • 122 dB SPL is in reference to ambient pressure.
    • 122 dBV is in reference to 1Vrms.
    • 122 dBu is in reference to 1V peak (0.775Vrms).
    • 122 dB SNR means there's 128 dB ratio between the signal and the noise

    You're wording just wasn't very clear. So, did you mean that you're sending a clean signal of 128dB SNR from the Mojo?
  15. shigzeo Contributor
    My words are often not so clear. Apologies.

    You can probably make a lot more sense of it than I can. But at +18dBu dampening, I've clocked Mojo at +122dB but with audibly sheared IMD.

    It's just RMAA, but please check it out: http://ohm-image.net/data/audio/rmaa-chord-mojo-24-bit
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