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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. Deezel177
    The Erlkonig has finally been revealed! More subtle than I expected, but there's way more to this design than just flash. The shell itself is entirely made of pure silver and the faceplates are removable for both easy cosmetic swapping and accessing the dial that lets you choose between the four different signatures. (Image from @MyIEMStore on Instagram)

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  2. kubig123
    Pure silver :money_mouth:, now I understand a little bit more the price.

    Still, I would prefer an iem made out with a less noble material and a more reasonable cost that values the technical aspects of the product instead of the bling bling.
  3. Mimouille
    My thoughts on the Vision Ears Schlumpfenpfenig:
    1) I don't like multi signature IEMs. Stick to what you feel sounds right
    2) too expensive
    3) Silver is super scratchy
    4) Vision Ears are a solid brand so I am sure it will sound very good and have perfect build
  4. hungryewok
    So what is the asking price on those? around $5k I would assume?
  5. Deezel177
    The figure being tossed around was somewhere around $4-5K USD IIRC, but nothing’s been set in stone yet.
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  6. Ultrainferno
    Price is €4200 Euro
  7. KowalskiFUT
    Guys, is Chord Mojo good enough to drive VE8? I would buy VE8, but my only source for the first couple of months would be Mojo. I am gonna buy a dap in autumn, but not before that.
  8. Mimouille
    The VE8 are very sensitive so the Mojo will work very well, you don't really need anything else. If you want an airier / brighter sound you can go for another source, but you don't need a "better" source. Be careful to get a silent source if you do, because I remember the QP2R was horrible with the VE8. The LPG and WM1Z work well with it in different flavors, the xDSD as well.
  9. KowalskiFUT
    Tnx for answering Mim! I will probably go for LPG. Im still considering KSE1500 but dont want a stack so I will go for VE8. Problem is, I dont buy TOTL iems often, so I need one which will be competitive for another 3,4 years or so.
  10. Mimouille
    I do not know if you demoed any of these, but I advise you do, because the TOTL you mention sound super different. What kind of sound signature are you looking for.

    On the life span of IEMs, it is more a matter of choice. Nothing that comes out today is night and day better than stuff I bought 5 years ago. So you can get something you like and call it a day forever, or at least until they break.
  11. KowalskiFUT
    Unfortunately, I dont have any TOTL iem available in my country. Im looking for clarity, transparency / details, and imaging, in that order. I like neutrality and dislike warmth. I dont care if an iem has a bit more or less bass(as long as it stays away from mids), mids or treble.
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
  12. Mimouille
    Then I would not necessarily go for the VE8. Maybe the VE6X in one of its settings would suit better. The KSE1500, the Hidition NT6 also could fit the bill. I recommend you read some reviews and compare.
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  13. KowalskiFUT
    Tnx! Does anybody know is it possible to buy VE8 in universal form?
  14. ironpeg
    Sadly, nope. Only Erlkonig is in universal form.
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  15. KowalskiFUT
    This is actually dealbreaker for me. Im out. :triportsad:
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