Vintage Philips N6330: sextett look-alike made in Austria by AKG
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Interesting! So little can be found on these that all these little snippets of info are great.
Thanks, Tiemen, and iQEM of course.
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Originally Posted by jonjovi421 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You mean that N6330's sound stage is worse than the AKG's? And do you know Philips N6325?

As far as I remember, the soundstage of the K240 Sextett MP is wider than that of the N6330. So the soundstage is not worse, just smaller.
Maybe because of that, the PRaT of the N6330 is more fun.
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I find female and male voices to both sound as if the artist is singing in your living room. Voices and low range really stand out on this headphone in my opinion. If anything even connected to my dull sounding CD-player the music really came to life.
This headphone is so enjoyable...  
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I just bought another N6330, but now it is a N6330/99.
Is this a AKG or what...



They will arrive this week. When I've listened to them, I'll write a short impression.
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Got the Philips today.
The earpads have enough life in them, which I coudn't say about the elastics.
So I replaced them.
I pried the badge of, to get into the cups.
And this is what I got:

Underneath the Philips badge, was the original AKG one.
Same with the headband.


On the headband was a Philips sticker, which I could easily pry off.
LOL The Philips N6330/99 IS a AKG K240.
Considering the all white radiotors, they are the Late Production.
Great, big AKG mids, lovely highs, and enough bass for me. It's my fith Sextett.
The N6330 had a tighter clamp on my head, so fuller mids and way more bass.
This one is airier.
If you want a Sextett for dirt cheap, try to find a Philips N6330/99

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Hi, Tiemen, long time no write.

Well, that does confirm the connection without a doubt, doesn't it? I wonder what is the chronology of the production. If these are indeed LP drivers, why would Philips first have their own badges and logo's early in the production and then just use AKG frames and use stick-on ones later on. Maybe they run out? :)
It's great to hear you have accumulated a small connection of these beauties. I personally still prefer my MP Sextett with the N6330 coming at a close second place. Unfortunately I haven't been able to listen to them for over a year now, because I'm still leading a kind of mobile life and all my stationary stuff and good cans are safely stored in boxes. This should change soon though and I'm already looking forward to it.

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The N6330 had a tighter clamp on my head, so fuller mids and way more bass.
This one is airier.

 Bingo !!  This confirms what I heard.  At one time I had 5 Sextetts in my posession: 1 EP, 2 MP, 2 LP.  They all sounded more or less the same, except for the one MP "magic".  Took me some listening and some digging, but my magic MP pair has a much higher clamping force than all the others.  Bam, more bass.  I have sold off most of the others, but I'm keeping the "magic" pair. 

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I found them and paid 23€ (~32$), the seller was putting them on ebay at least for the third time. That's some unexpensive Sextett's.
Good condition, it seems.

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zomg, congrats. Hope the ear pads are still a bit firm. But new pads are easily to obtain.
And it looks like you need the thing mentioned in your sig.

The nice thing with these Sextetts is that you don't have the elastics problem, that the AKG's have.
I'm curious which dirvers your have.
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And it looks like you need the thing mentioned in your sig.

Haha, indeed. Actually I searched the web for hours with keywords like DIN5 to jack without finding anything. And then, I found this word in a thread there, and all the adapters suddenly appeared. Awesome magic formula (I don't speak german).
For the drivers I don't know, but wouldn't the orange ones appear on the pic, like in the first post? Either way I'm pretty excited. [EDIT: oh nevermind, I missed the foam removal part]
(Also, thanks to you and the OP; I would never have found out about these without this thread)
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Just got them. Obviously, these things have been rusting in some dark place for some time, but they're in good condition - cable connection suffered a little, it feels a little weak and the philips logo will have to be glued back. The foam isn't covering everything and let appear some of the orange parts, I don't know if it's normal or not; part of it may have disintegrated.

The pads look and feel brand new, even though I'm pretty sure they actually never have been replaced.
I'm surprised at how comfy they are. They clamp more than my k601's, which I like. The suspension system looks studier than the elastics and works as well; I guess they didn't keep it because of the weight.
Looks like the drivers are white with a brownish crown.

Here are some terrible pics I've taken:
(It's written "High fidelity international")
Here is the very slightly damaged connection. Maybe it's more sturdy than it looks to be.

Unfortunatly, I can't say how they sound since I haven't received my wurfel-thing yet, and I can only hope all the drivers are fine, but it's looking good so far.
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I was about write about how bad they sounded, their recessed highs and that muddy/muffled bass, until I had the idea to try them without the earpads. Seriously, I don't now what are these, but they are terrible sound-wise.
So now I guess I'm searching for earpads for them not to sound like trash.
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Well, they do need two things.
1. Full and firm ear pads
2. A powerfull amp, They are 600 ohm, with a low sensitivity of 94 dB to boot.

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