Vesper audio custom earpads impressions thread

  1. strooper
    I recently purchased a pair of custom leather and memory-foam ear pads from Vesper Audio ( to replace a worn-out pair of pads for my ATH-ESW990H headphones. The stock earpads are leather, but rather thin and a little painful, at least for me. They also have to be ordered from Japan through Ebay and cost ~50 USD. Vesper made me ear pads, customized to my requested dimensions, for just a few dollars more. They are excellent. They are much more comfortable. Look great. And fit the headphones perfectly. I'm very happy with them.

    There aren't many options for custom ear pads, so I wanted to share with people my positive 20171031_140929.jpg 20171031_140929.jpg 20171031_140945.jpg experience with Vesper.
  2. sens
    I purchased a couple of pairs of ear pads from these guys, received them a few weeks ago. Both memory foam, both full alcantara. Couldn't really be happier, will be getting these for more of my 'phones, next up are the Beyerdynamic DT1770 (the pads I got for the AKG K550 Mk3's fit quite decently on the Beyerdynamics, however I'm still going to be getting a pair specifically made for them). The only downside I can think of would be the waiting line (a couple of weeks), but that really can't be helped I suppose. Everything else was first grade - communication, selection of materials, quality of work. Overall just 5/5
  3. sens
    Another pair of ear pads that I had ordered arrived a couple of days ago - very nice quality, and great customer service. These were made for the Beyerdynamic DT 1770's, perfect fit.

    My friend placed an order at the same time, also ordering some alcantara ear pads, but in his case for the DT 770 Pro's. He has now had some time to try them on, his impressions are the following:

    "Nice fit, easy to install. The price point is somewhat high-end, but the quality is there. These deeper (than stock) earpads that I ordered place a significant emphasis on the bass, but I actually prefer it - I like smooth, bass-heavy sound signature. Overall, highly recommended".

    We will both be ordering more earpads from Vesper Audio in the future, if/when we get more suitable headphones. 10/10
  4. Kulgrinda
    Just received those beautiful hand made pads for my M1060 headphones. They are really high quality and customisable. I went for perforated leather for the inner part of the pad, top is alcantara and outside is black leather. Padding is memory foam. Seller @Vesperaudio is very polite and can provide needed support, recommended and will order again!
    20180314_120753_resize.jpg DSC_2839_re.jpg DSC_2840_resize.jpg DSC_2841_resize.jpg DSC_2845_resize.jpg
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