Vesper audio custom earpads impressions thread
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Just received a pair for my Kennerton GH50. Based on other people's products, it looks like they actually care about what headphones we're using, and adjust their design.
My pair used black leather for the outer wall, and green perforated microsuede for the rest. Angled, and filled with memory foam.

- very comfortable. The angled pads' dimensions really worked well.
- quality material. microsuede was very soft, and the leather was decently thick.
- acoustically unobtrusive.
- wide accommodations and options.
- pricey, altho reasonable. Including shipping, my options cost $99 through PayPal.
- long wait time due to international customs.

With the basic shipping option, it took about 35 days in the outbound customs in Belarus, but it arrived at my place right after the clearance. Took roughly 50 days from the time of order to the receipt.

If you have a favorite pair that you think is worth more investment, VA is definitely recommended.
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I recently received the ATH-L3000 and Onkyo A800 vesper pads. Today I will only talk about the ATH-L3000 vesper pads as I "accidentally" listen to them for 5 hours straight.

ATH-L3000 Vesper pads:
Drivers very close to my ears. Wouldn't say in my face, but more like the music is presented deeper inside my head. There are some instruments depending on how well made the song is that the instrument will play behind the ear and head.
Music sounds louder maybe because the driver is closer.
Vocals sounds really good and clear on these, maybe because the drivers are closer.
Less visceral impact on these compare to the ZMF universal lambskin pads.
When wearing the OG (extremely worn out currently) and the Versper L3000 Pads, they feel similar in terms of shape and size. OG leather still feels nicer.
Pads are pretty comfy, but ears touch the screen (not the drivers, only the screen). The headphone drivers is angle so its tilted front out, back digs deeper in the headphone. So back ears touching the screen.

I think overall, Vesper audio did a really good job creating these ATH-L3000 pads. In fact, these are going to be my new go-to pads for the ATH-L3000 from this day forth. 1 major complaint though is these were really hard to get install to the ATH-L3000, I did struggle for a bit. But besides that, I can happily say that I am a satisfied customer. Will report back tomorrow the Onkyo A800 Vesper pads.

Keep in mind that the OG ATH-L3000 pads in the picture are really old and squish, so they may not reflect on how it look during its prime.

My order was: ATH-L3000 Pad - Basic black pad, protein leather, Natural latex
Pads 1.png

Pads 2.png

Pads 3.png



^How the ATH Vesper pads look installed on the ATH-L3000
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*Cross-posting from the Onkyo A800 thread and this thread

It took about 1 - 2 months to receive these Vesper Audio Pads. I did make some last-minute changes and it's like EU to Southeastern USA. 1st impression is that I really like the basic Vesper Audio Onkyo A800 pads. I order these with my ATH-L3000 and those pads are awesome as well. I want to say Vesper Audio is a really good copycat pad maker that stay pretty close to the original source, but they will always be little differences and they are flexible with customization. I really like the little plastic mounting plate for the Onkyo A800 for people that lost their mounting plate. I do not know how to install the Vesper Audio pads properly on the Onkyo A800. Vesper Audio told me it's double adhesive rings, but I think I only got 1 sided adhesive rings unless I do not know where to peel which could happen. I email Vesper audio if it's supposed to be double adhesive rings or maybe if I am missing something. In terms of comfort, they are pretty ok, not the best I wore and not the worst I wore. The Vesper Audio Onkyo Pads I got were really thick, so my ears only touch the pads, not the driver.

Sound Differences:
Onkyo A800 Caldera Thin Pads:
* Most comfortable and smallest pad
* Have the most visceral impact
*Soundstage is intimate

Vesper Audio Onkyo Custom Pad - Black, Not through perforation (as shown in the screenshot from your response),
(not through) perforated leather on the inner cavity with (through) perforated alcantara in black.
All other surfaces are intact (whole gain real leather), angled pad,
regular acoustic foam Impression:
* Soundstage is further compared to the other 3 pads.
* Overall more veil compare to the basic Vesper pads
* Feels like it favors more in the lower region and the upper region of the frequency sound nonexistent. Basically, I think the bass overpowers the other frequency.
* Visceral impact
* Sound louder

Vesper Audio Onkyo Basic Pad - Basic black pad, real whole leather, Natural latex Impression:
* Soundstage is more intimate and the music is closer
* Most clear sounding pad, but just by a little bit
* Less visceral impact compare to the Caldera Thin pads, but it's still there
* Sound louder, making me feel like I'm closer to the music

I did not like the Vesper Audio Onkyo Custom Pad at all. I think I went too crazy on the customization on it, so this pad will not be part of the discussion any longer. At the end of this 1st impression, I really like both the Caldera Thin Pads and the Vesper Audio Onkyo A800 basic pads. Both of these pads have a great balance of bass, midrange, and treble. They are pretty similar in terms of sound quality overall, but both have a little different experiences. For example, the Caldera Thin Pads have a more visceral impact while the Vesper Audio Onkyo A800 basic pads have more clarity. In my opinion, the Vesper Audio Onyko A800 basic pads sound a little sweeter in the midrange vs the Caldera Thin pads. This may be due to the Caldera Thin pads being more focused on the bass range. The difference isn't a huge jump, but it's a noticeable little difference.

At the end of the day, I have to tell myself, what do I like more? More visceral impact or a little more clarity and sweeter midrange? After finally having breakfast, I decided to keep the Vesper Audio Onkyo Basic Pad for my main Onkyo A800. I kept the Caldera thin pads installed on my backup Onkyo A800 if I want a little more visceral impact.

Was it worth the price and wait time? I think it's a fair price and wait time isn't that bad unless you desperately need a pad in 1 week. For wait time, I just order and forget about it until I receive an email.



^Onkyo A800 with Mounting Plate


^Onkyo A800 without Mounting Plate



^ Vesper Audio Onkyo A800 Basic Pad install on left side, Caldera Thin Pads install right side


^ Closer look at the Caldera Thin Pads install on the Onkyo A800


^ Closer look at the Vesper Audio Onkyo A800 Basic Pad installed in the Onkyo A800. You can see the driver very clearly since it does not have a screen.
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*Cross post

Vesper Audio was able to answer my question very quickly. I didn’t know this, but the side that said β€œ3M” stick to the black ring in the Vesper Audio Onkyo Pads. These pads is officially really cool lol. Not only the Vesper Audio installed a replacement mount in their Onkyo A800 pads, but it’s really easy to installed. Take off the 1 side of the brown ring and stick it to the Onkyo A800. Then just press the black ring inside Vesper Audio Onkyo A800 pads against the brown ring and voilΓ ! Pads easily installed. I was way over thinking it in the first place lol. These pads are hella cool, thank you Vesper Audio for making Onkyo A800 pads πŸ™.


^This is the double adhesive rings



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Hello everyone!
Enjoying a pair of custom microsuede pads (for SR-L500 mkII) for a few months now, an excellent job; You just have to have a little patience and the wait will be worth it.
I have gained in comfort a lot; The scene is better specified by having an extra angle.
Perfect fit:

Extra angle:

Microsuede comfort!

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This photo is my LCD-4's with Vesper pads, slightly slimmer than stock Audeze or Dekoni. My head is quite large (3X hat size), so I need a Lohb strap and extended yoke rods for a comfortable fit, and the pads are the last step to avoid squeezing too tight (along with distorting the inner surface). Suede where they touch my head, and as crazy as this sounds for headphones weighing over a pound, I can forget I have them on, for hours.


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After a few years and not that many listening hours, the OG pads on my HifiMan Anandas started to break down, so I turned to Vesper to get some replacements. I also had a look at Dekoni, but I figured I’d do some tweaks to the original design and Dekoni wouldn’t do that. Namely, I wanted slightly thicker pads, with perforate interiors and since I was going custom, choose a different color.
So, I contacted the guys, exchanged a few emails about the options available, did a bit of research on this thread here and we were off to the races.
I got my pads some 2 months later, incl shipping and I have to say they’re better than I imagined. They have the Hifiman clip mounting as well (my choice) which is finicky to mount but it does fit perfectly with the originals. seriously, quality is insane.


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