"Very Old" DCM Time Window 1A Speakers
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Jul 27, 2005
I have had my Time Window 1A speakers for 20 years. In that time I have yet to find a pair that matches them. Yet I do not see anyone here mentioning them.

By the way, just to quailfy the above statement I usually go to a good stereo store every 5 years or so and ask what they recomend. Last time 5 years ago I had a $2,000 budget. The individual recomended a couple of possible alternatives. I asked if I could bring my speakers to his shop to do a side by side comparison. Well to make the story short I did and I still have the DCM Time Windows 1A.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about here is a link discussing them: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr...8115&read&3&4& Also here is a picture from that forum mine look almost the same except mine still have the badge on the speaker grill.


So here is the question, any speaker suggestions in the $3,500 a pair range? Thanks.
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My dad bought a set of those when I was a kid and even though I'm not so young anymore, he still has them. They were my introduction to hi-fi and they still sound great after all these years. I'd go so far as to call them a "classic" and I'm sure that replacing them won't be easy.
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I still have my Time Window. The wife doesn't like the speakers to sit three feet away from the wall. So I am now using a pair of small NHT Two and a Hsu subwoofer. The combination is less than $3,500.

The Time window is not exactly inexpensive. With inflation the same dollar you paid in 80s dollar maybe higher than $3,500 in today's dollar.
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Take a look at:

VMPS Audio RM2

Thiel CS2.4, since the CS3.7 is coming out, you might be able to find dealers dumping their CS3.6s for cheap.

The Vandersteen 2Ce easily hits your budget, or maybe the 3A if you can stretch a bit.

Also, after wallowing in consumer-grade audio for the past several years, DCM is attempting to get back into the high-end with the TFE200, which David A. Rich (of $ensible Sound) wrote is "a truly worth successor to the Time Window".

[size=xx-small]Edit - note that I haven't heard any of these, just read good things about them and they're (mostly) in your price range.[/size]
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I bought a pair of these in 1976. It was my introduction into audiophile speakers. I used them until the mid 90's. I've since bought a pair of Joseph Audio RM7/si's. There's not comparison IMO. The Joseph Audio's are just much better speakers. I suggest looking at the Joseph Audio line as there are several models in you $3.5 price range.

Good luck.

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If you're willing to DIY, the Linkwitz Orion will fall in your budget. I've started ordering parts for a pair - the reviews are strong and I'm a sucker for dipoles.

Though I haven't heard them, I understand that the Time Windows are excellent. I've been curious and have looked for them now and then but they rarely come on the market. Even if you get another pair, I'd suggest hanging onto those.
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Went on ebay, don't seem to attract much interest. There are a couple pair on there now.

Great for their day. Then I heard Apogee, Dalquist, Snell, Quad...

Thiels are a nice set of speakers. Depending on how much bass you want and size of room, Martin Logan and Maggies are pretty good in that price range.
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I was answering the above poster about their value today. Not intended as a statement about their performance. Speakers of that era were some of the best ever. The Time Windows were my goal speaker for a long time.
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I still have my 1988 TW 3's in my main system. Still love them. Added a powered sub 10 years ago to help the low end. Anyone have advice on whether new stuff is considerably better??

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