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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. pataburd
    The Monk+ are winning me over.  Tubes seem to give them the fleshiness that I like about the Monk Originals.  Might a/b some more tonight.  Can't get enough of Monteverdi!  I am brought to tears listening to Laetatus sum over the Monk+.  : )
    Lorspeaker likes this.
  2. stanleycho
    Have just spared you a pair, bro. Cheers~~~
    I guess you're going to get some more:wink:
    By the way, anyone who can help me before his/her first drop? Just click the link to join the drop. Thank you.
  3. tgx78
    I accidentally killed my only pair of original monk.. NO!!!




    Joined a massdrop..
  4. audio123

    u can actually mod it  [​IMG]
  5. tgx78
    negative.. if you look closely on second picture.. that is a detached driver diaphragm from voice coil and permeable metal piece(pic1)
  6. touramalli

    What's their complains then? I don't have an account but for a limited edition, I assume it can cost a bit more than 5 ridiculous dollars.
  7. ngoshawk

    Some were complaining about the look, the potential knock-off of the shell (explained very well by Lee), the color, the supposed "sound quality" for $5....just general lack of knowledge trashing of something they know nothing about....it was derogatory towards Lee and VE...completely uncalled for...
    moedawg140 likes this.
  8. audio123

    awwww i see [​IMG]
  9. audio123

    as long as its ve monk, im in! [​IMG]
    support @zhibli06
    RedJohn456 likes this.
  10. audio123
    There should be an anniversary pack consisting of 7 colours. Hehe
  11. touramalli

    I hope Mr Lee doesn't mind. It's a shame for all the Americans who appreciate the work he's putting in his little company.
    ngoshawk likes this.
  12. zhibli06
    sounds to me , u wanna say "It's a shame for all the Americans who can't appreciate the work he's putting in his little company." lol
    but I got what u mean, and trust me~ I got used to it lol.
    here is a couple of things very common in China.
    1st no one dare to review the monk , I am not asking people to put their rep on the line like @DJScope  for me ~ but u can't see any of our reviews in Chinese Reddit ( gotta pay to be there)
    2nd people , when praising the Zen, would choose to start by calling me a diy brand, then make fun of our name VE (again , I did NOT heard the name "vision ears" ever before I named my company and brand.
    3rd in China, U do need to "buy" their reviews.
    So I did the only thing I can do, and I think most of guys who knows my style can take a pretty good guess how I am telling them to go and xxxxxxxxxx
    so u got the picture~ lol
    Lorspeaker, capnjack and golov17 like this.
  13. DJScope
  14. ngoshawk

    1100+ on the MD, speaks of the passion, or WANT of passion for your product, Lee! I think it is well earned and desereved.

    I know you will, but please stay passionate about what you are doing! Good sound to all! Thank you, and cheers!
  15. ozkan
    Regarding to the Monk with mic version I can use my Monk with Meizu M1 Note without any mic because M1 note has a second mic for calls. If your phone has that feature I don't think you'll need a mic on your earphones. :wink:
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