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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

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  1. jwalsh1
    Thank you - XL pads seem like a must.
  2. ledzep
    Anyone got a picture of the wiring inside both cups ?
  3. dosie
    These pics are not mine, it came from head-fi member, and i found on google[​IMG]
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
  4. dosie
    Here some interval post for V-moda owner, I got 2nd hand from local store it was really in bad condition,
    the headband peeled, broken earpads lol, i dissamblied and doing some re-paint, here it is

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  5. ledzep
    Thanks, going to put mine in a balanced configuration later, so just wanted a heads up.
  6. ledzep
    Sorted out the headphones so they are able to do both 3.5mm single end dual input and balanced 2.5mm dual input, few details and pics for those interested.
    Left side just leave the two wires from pcb to driver, red L+ copper L- = tip and sleeve.
    removed to cable bung from top of cup.
    added a square of 3m double sided tape.
    followed by a thin piece of sticky back felt.
    put it back together and cut out a small piece of the same felt and plugged from top.

    right side remove all spare wires and the R+ as its linked to the ring, you can leave this if you want but I want to have it terminated as R+ tip R- sleeve as the left side, plus the cables I have for other headphones are set like this (quite a standard wiring set up ) and for the sake of changing one wire it's a no brainer imo.
    Removed the pcb to solder it just to make sure I don't clip the cups, I metered the pcb to find the R+ track and after soldering it just check I was getting around 30 ohms before putting it back together like the left side.
    Just re soldered the ground wire ( not happy with the stock solder joint) 3.5mm blank Jack to check pinout.

    Trimmed back the old cable on both sides of the headband, no point opening up the band to remove the cable fully. Might do if I change the band at a later date but for now no point making more work for myself.
    So now you have both sides independent of each other and in true dual balanced config or dual single end depending on what you source / cable is your going to use, took around an hour to complete and after comparing single to balanced on the M100's it was time well spent. But I knew that before I stared as I've been using balanced for years.

    How a pair of headphones should really look, no horrible bits of cable from top of cup to cup.

    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
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  7. dosie
    How the sound? Is it better?
  8. ledzep
    Yes, early findings are they have better separation and more power ( 30%) sub bass and bass are tighter and better separation, vocals are precise and on soul / R&B tracks they are clear and smooth sounding. EDM keyboards sound great. Still need to burn them in as they were fresh out of the box when I modded them, so will give a bit more time and see what changes.
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  9. ledzep
    Red shields here think they are going to look good on the matt black moda's
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  10. ledzep
    Fitted and looking good.
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  11. showme99
    Any pics with the red shields installed?
  12. ledzep
    See above post
  13. showme99
    Sorry, I barely had a cellular signal and my phone wasn't loading pics at the time. Good color choices; the red looks really nice on your black headphones.
  14. ledzep
    Added the red Wings just to top it off
  15. dosie
    For me, black wings look kills
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