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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

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  1. xkonfuzed
    I do find the M-100's to have more impact than rumble. That "slightly muffled thump" you're experiencing probably refers to the boost in the upper bass - which I find somewhat more pronounced than I'd like. However I never felt it lacked punch and it still does decently well at sub bass.
  2. TidalWave
    Well for instance I looked for the heaviest bass I could find as a test (I don't personally own music like this, so I had to look for a bit):

    And I can hear all of it in detail, though none of it is uncomfortable: not "too" bassy. It's all more or less well-resolved but not like I'm in a room with heavy bass. Not like comments on youtube from people who were talking about their skull rumbling or anything like that. I actually get more ear fatigue from mid and high frequency-heavy songs using these headphones. It could just be the way a lot of my music was recorded and mixed, but I get a little tired listening to it in these headphones, at moderate-low volume. Some of it is stock earpads, which I'll change to XL, and some seems like the sound signature.

    I've also done a test at about 30-40% volume of a frequency range tone going from high frequency to very low frequency, and stopped hearing and feeling my headphones at about 25Hz. I don't know if turning volume up to max would still have me feeling some rumble at lower frequencies: some people in comments claimed to feel their headphones all the way to single digits, which I'm not sure if they were making up. For reference, I have pretty good hearing, and I'm 35.

    I don't mean to say I don't like the headphones--not at all, I like them a lot. Just curious about their sound properties and checking that my pair is within the normal range for this model.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  3. TidalWave
    I'm seeing some mixed opinions on the use of a portable amplifier + phone with M-100s. Seems like on one hand M-100s are low enough impedance where they don't require an amp--and I get plenty of volume with my phone (Moto G4) at something like 30-40% setting. But approaching from the sound quality / signature change, I'm seeing some opinions stating that the sound signature of M-100s changes when an amp is used: "tighter bass" and such. Is that the consensus? If so, would it make sense to get a portable amp like Fiio A3/E11 if I want a bit of a bass boost, as opposed to just using plain phone without amplifier? I was also considering getting a DAP instead of using my phone--only for sound quality considerations (I have plenty of expandable storage space and great battery life on my phone), but I'm not so sure I'd get a step-up from my phone in sound quality unless I get an expensive DAP--more expensive than just getting a portable amp for my phone.
  4. Coop
    I'd go with a USB DAC/AMP. While most devices don't have a lot of trouble driving the M100, a bit of amping can help getting the most out of it. And USB DAC functionality is useful to boost the soundquality on pretty much any device that supports USB and/or OTG.
  5. TidalWave
    Can't use a USB amp, bad USB port, only some cables even charge my phone reliably. Either battery-powered amp or a DAP.
  6. waynes world
    You have a lotsof good thoughts.

    I would say so. I find the M100 to be very enjoyable without an amp, but throw an amp like the Cayin C5 into the mix, and it does indeed tighten up the bass and help bring the M100 up to their true potential.

    Edit: as a side note, I have the E11 and E12 (and Cayin C5). The E11 is nice and might do the trick for you, but I find that it doesn't provide the same quality bass as the E12 or C5. But, there are lots of newer portable amps to consider (maybe the A3 is good - I'm not familiar).

    It depends. If you don't mind carrying a stack around, then it's an option for you.

    You can also consider getting a good bluetooth receiver dac/amp if you don't want to have wires connected to your phone (but still want to use your phone as a player). They are relatively inexpensive, and are providing great SQ these days. I was wanting to get a good DAP, but I went this route, and am quite happy that I did. I currently have a $70 Fiio BTR1 bluetooth receiver which I use with my S7 phone, and I'm listening to some trance with the M100's right now. I am actually pleasantly surprised by how good it sounds given that the BTR1 doesn't have the most powerful amp section. Another good one to consider is the Radsone Earstudio which is just being made available now. But there are others out there with more powerful amp sections. Just something to consider.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  7. KinGensai
    I'm surprised that people are still using the M-100. I liked the M-100, but the CF2W is definitely superior in terms of tonal balance and resolution. It's probably arguable that the increase in quality is worth the cost of upgrading... I still have both so I can do some comparisons again, but when I got them I immediately noticed the improved mids + clearer highs as well as the more reasonable levels of bass that still provide the kick I enjoyed on the M-100.
  8. TidalWave
    They are in different price tiers, and considering the used market, you can get M-100 for less than half the price of new CF2 Wireless. I don't care about wireless headphones myself. Your statement implies that everyone should "upgrade" as soon as a new model comes out. That only usually works for cell phones, and even that by far not for everyone.
  9. KinGensai
    Hence my statement that the cost of upgrading might not be worth the improvement. That's a judgement people are going to have to make for themselves, I was just saying that I have both and my opinion is that it is on the border of not being worth the cost. There is improvement though, so it's not just M-100s + BT.
  10. TidalWave
    "I'm surprised that people are still using the M-100" " It's probably arguable that the increase in quality is worth the cost of upgrading" --> "I was just saying that I have both and my opinion is that it is on the border of not being worth the cost. " "Hence my statement that the cost of upgrading might not be worth the improvement. " :confounded:
  11. KinGensai
    Given V-moda's trade in thing, the actual cost of getting a CF2W is closer to 205/225 than the sticker 330/350, and the discounted cost is what I was considering as almost not being worth it (translation: it's worth it to most). Most is not all though as some people value their money over improvement, and it's not a day/night difference. Given the locale we are having this little exchange, I'd figure that the cost IS worth it since audio quality is a little more important here than it may be in, say, youtube.
  12. TidalWave
    I've just looked at the pricing, and you get a $125 discount on CrossFade2 wireless if you trade in your current M-100. So that's still $225 to pay. If you don't have V-100s to trade in, then obviously you don't get a discount, and also buying used M-100s is much cheaper. Some pairs go for as low as $100 on the used market.
  13. KinGensai
    I agree, it's certainly a very good deal at $100. I bought both new, and in that context is was close. Used to new, M-100 is a better bargain. In that context, it's probably not worth it to upgrade to CF2 and maybe instead go for something much different (closer to neutral? I'm using DSR9BT, so I'm definitely trying new stuff). I'll concede that context to you.
  14. stuck limo
    I am not surprised at all people are still using the M-100. It has a very different sound signature than the CF2, it's cheaper, and probably more well known.

    On top of that, I don't think the CF2 is any better sounding than say, an m40x which is cheaper than both the M-100 and CF2.

    That said, all 3 are excellent headphones, but I'd rather stick with my M-100 and m40x.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
    TidalWave likes this.
  15. TidalWave
    So my "ears" and perception have adjusted after listening to these headphones for a few days, and now I think they have plenty of bass! I can almost see getting something with a tad less bass. Interestingly, I find that slightly turning up high frequencies in PowerAMP equalizer results in a more pleasing sound for most songs, as the sound becomes more "immediate". Otherwise it feels a little more distant and muffled. Probably what I'm used to as well with general purpose speakers and headphones emphasizing bass AND treble. Now that I've adjusted to the bass, perhaps I'll adjust to the treble soon too. All in all, I like my V-100 more and more every time I listen through them.
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