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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

  1. expontherise
    I was advised by Customer Service that they are different. I asked because ordering new shields would be cheaper than sending them in for them to tighten some screws. I will just take them in to home depot and see what I can find.
  2. xkonfuzed
    I have recently gotten back to listening to Bass-heavy music (Bassnectar, Noisia, Spor, etc) and I'm thinking of picking up a pair of M100's. I am anticipating something that would do bass layering quite well, hit very deep (Bassnectar's songs bass-line takes place about 30-50hz region) and remain tight. I'm finding that my open-backs are not doing a good enough job with the bass extension part. Anyone have any input on the M100's regarding my requirements?
  3. WilliamLeonhart
    The Fostex THX00 will be a better choice if you can spend the extras. Other than that, in its price range, the M100 is solid. Also, pick the wired version.
  4. Nirvana1000
    Is anyone else enjoying the great synergy with the M100s and HTC 10? I am using poweramp alpha with stereo expand at 5%,bass 17% and treble 0.The wonderful sub bass rumble along with great imaging is something I never experienced with any other combo that I've owned.I can also have extended listening sessions without any fatigue.:)
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
  5. bana
  6. xkonfuzed
    Haha kind of late since I already got the (wired) M100's, honestly don't regret it. They've actually impressed me quite a bit with their bass texture and overall sound quality. Out of my LG G4 the bass seems a tad bit boomy but the Geek Out V2 really cleans that up and makes it sound wonderful on electronic music. They also sound surprisingly good with metal. I've been enjoying a lot of Slayer and Black Sabbath on them.:L3000:
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  7. DiscoProJoe
    Long time, no see, everyone. It's been 4 months since my trip to the U.S. to attend the New York Spring Meetup and visit family.

    Showed off the dual-listening setup of my portable rig with DiscoProJoe's Rockbox EQ Presets throughout the whole day at the meetup on Saturday, June 10th. (With everything combined, my portable headphone system can boost 40 Hz by up to 62 dB -- with it sounding crisp, clear, and detailed at the same time when choosing a suitable preset for the song that's playing. I designed this app specifically for the V-Moda M-100, which anyone with an iPod Classic or Rockboxable music player can download and use for free.)

    Jude swung by my table near the end of the afternoon and gave it a listen. He said that the sound of my system was "very well done" for the purpose I'm trying to achieve, and said I should tell Val Kolton about it. :sunglasses:

    Monsterzero, Kyuuketsuki, and MikeZhao were there and heard my system, and were quite impressed as well.

    Anyway, you can view the photos I took of the meetup at this link, which includes my table, along with Jude and me. Further beneath that forum post, I also gave my impressions of the meetup and the various equipment I checked out.

    (Next to my beloved V-Moda M-100s, the 2nd-best pair of cans I heard at this meetup with my portable rig was the Meze 99 Classic, by the way.)

    Oh well,...if I plan on attending any more Head-Fi meetups in the future where ordinary Head-Fi members can set up their own tables and show off their own DIY'ed stuff, then I'll let everyone know. Have fun! :L3000:
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
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  8. kyuuketsuki
    Can confirm, the cans vibrated on my skull. It was quite the experience.
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  9. shampoosuicide
    I have the M100's EQ'ed as such and find the overall clarity, balance, and refinement to be much improved. Midrange is more open and natural sounding. Bass is better controlled and more detailed and nuanced.

    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  10. Excalibruh
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Just got mine, loving them!

    I also got the XL Earpads which definitely improves comfort. Loving the sound signature. It's bassy yet very controlled and not killing the mids or highs. I find these very good for both music and gaming with a BoomPro.
  11. TidalWave
    Question for other M-100 owners: I'm a new owner of these headphones, and does this seem correct in terms of the bass "signature"?:

    - I hear a good amount of sub-bass if present in a song.
    - the bass kind of lacks a punch... I mean I hear it and it's well-resolved, but it's a little clinical. Kind of like a slightly muffled thump, not anything very energetic.
    I'm going through various heavy bass tests on youtube, and that's my conclusion.
    The rest of the sound seems good with great detail resolution: not as crisp as what I heard when testing Audio-Technica MSR7, but good.

    I don't really understand why these headphones are recommended for those who like bass. I am not crazy about bass, but with these headphones I'm constantly searching for a bit more impact on the low end in whatever I listen to, and it's puzzling me. Unless of course my M-100 are fake, but they don't seem to be (including packaging and all the details and accessories) and I'm not sure this model has been counterfeited yet.

    Is something up with my unit, perhaps? Or is this normal, and I just need to adjust my expectations?
    The M-100 is really tuned for a midbass punch. Sub-bass is present but isn't the strongest I’ve heard. It’s a very solidly tuned headphone, with bass that’s EDM-friendly. It lacks excess thump but makes up for it in detail. I was surprised when I bought the Sennheiser HD1 at how much stronger the sub-bass felt on those headphones.

    The M-100 definitely has plenty of bass that’s more so heard rather than felt.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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  13. TidalWave
    Thank you for the confirmation. Hopefully I'll grow into the sound after a couple of weeks. I now can't remember how M50x compares in this regard, as I only tested those in a store.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  14. Coop
    Also keep in mind that YouTube uses lossy codecs for audio and that sub-bass can be affected by that. IIRC, the best audio YouTube serves these days is AAC or Opus, with a maximum of 128kbps for AAC and 165kbps for Opus. AFAIK audio quality is no longer related to the videoquality like it used to be. Now the audio and video are streamed separately and combined by the player. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the audio bitrate is scaled according to your connection. Now, that being said, the last time I looked into this subject was back in 2015 or something, so this info could very well be outdated. Nevertheless, YouTube might not be the best audio source to base your testing on. If you are serious about getting to know the lower regions of your cans, I suggest you invest in one of them old-school Bass Mekanik CDs :)
  15. TidalWave
    Thanks :). It's not just youtube, it's my music library too, on my desktop and phone. Admittedly, my phone is a basic Moto G4, which I got on the cheap after my OnePlus phone died out of the blue. I've been wondering if I should get a DAP. But anyway, I guess it will still not be as I imagined these headphones to be before they arrived.

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