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Only swapped them out once. So shouldn't be an issue. Have the Philips Fidelio X1 for extended listening at home. :p

Any takers in Taipei or Tokyo? Will be in Taipei tomorrow and Tokyo for a wedding in a couple weeks. I actually have 2 sets of XL Pads. Wasn't sure if they were sold individually or in a set so I set the order to 2. :p
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  Has anyone tried wearing the faders and the m100's at the same time?

Interesting concept. You mean if the external environment is really loud, you can turn up the M100's really loud to compensate, and then use the Faders to protect your hearing? I don't see why that wouldn't work. The Faders aren't supposed to change the frequency response of the sound in any way. Soundstage might be affected though.
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I did that in a flight. In fact I think the faders are meant that way. I liked the concept but to be honest I think the faders are not that great. The sound became darker and the music lost a lot of detail, but it was almost like wearing noise canceling headphones as far as the isolation was concerned. Nice concept.
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  Has anyone tried wearing the faders and the m100's at the same time?

Yeah you can, but I can't imagine it being comfortable considering the stock M-100 pressing on my ear is uncomfortable for me.
I've never tried the faders so i dont know exactly how they work, But just out of curiosity, can u wear the faders and put on the m-100 comfortably? And while they are both on, would it filter out the loudest background noises (club monitors, etc), And just hone in on the m-100's output. EVen if u have to turn up the headphone volume on the mixer. just a suggestion and something for u guys to try.

It is not comfortable at all. I can put up with doing that for maybe 10-15 minutes, but after that I have to take it off. The faders protrude too far out of the ears and presses against the driver enclosure which pushes the faders against your ears even harder. The sound quality when your turn your M-100 really loud is quite nice, if a bit veiled. Maybe it'll be a viable solution with the XL pads...

  On an airplane with and without faders in
With the faders in a few things come to mind.  First, HOLY COW this is quiet, even without music playing there is almost no outside noise coming in.  Followed quickly by a second, wow, I can’t do this for long.  For me, there just isn’t enough room inside the headphone in order to have my ears, much less a pair of plugs in.  I went ahead and did some testing anyway and I can say that the faders do well, but still pull the mids way back and mute the highs to a quite dullness.  I was able to EQ a lot of this out such that I would probably use this as my default setup, if only I could live with it for more than 5-10 minutes.

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My XL pads are out for delivery! Should be here within the next few hours. 

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So I got my XL pads installed and they really do make a huge difference in the overall comfort of the headphones. These are the pads the M-100 should have shipped with.

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