V-MODA Forza Series: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

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  1. raheelc
    Oh wow, thanks for the advice, I was actually about to buy them from Amazon with the Adorama as the seller. Good thing I saw this before. Is Amazon considered an authorized seller? Guess I can wait until they have them back in stock before ordering so I have warranty coverage.
  2. SpiderNhan
  3. clerkpalmer
    I call bs. They should back then up. Also beware of sweatproof claims. A little sweat must be the culprit with mine. Moisture made its way into the USB even though I checked it was tight first.
  4. clerkpalmer
    Here is the response. Like they are fake. Lol.

    Vanessa, May 19, 11:14 AM PDT:

    Unfortunately headphones purchased through Adorama Camera are not covered under V-MODA's Premiere Limited Warranty, as they are an unauthorized dealer. Please contact them in regards to the return policy.

    For future reference, please consult our list of Verified Dealers (http://v-moda.com/verified-resellers/) to avoid voiding the warranty and/or purchasing fakes.

    Rock On,

    V-MODA Customer Support

  5. SpiderNhan
    I understand that you're angry about receiving a faulty product but it's clear from the V-MODA website that Andorama isn't a verified seller. Vanessa works for V-MODA and she has to follow protocol. If you took them to court the case wouldn't hold up. What else do you expect them to do?
  6. clerkpalmer
    I expect them to stand behind their product. The headphones didn't magically appear at adorama without Vmoda's knowledge. They are two weeks old. I paid full price. I tried to order from Vmoda first but their website was down. How about some old fashioned customer service? I came on here and sang the praises of these headphones. Then they crapped out on me and I get legal nonsense from Vmoda because they could be "fakes". Please. It's called doing the right thing. It's not like it's 6 months later and I beat them up.
  7. raheelc
    Have to agree with @clerkpalmer in this case. The earbuds are practically a new model, and the question to ask is how did Adorama get them in the first place, if not directly from V-moda? I say that because I highly doubt that Adorama would be selling counterfeit FW's. Granted, I understand the legality of the scenario in that V-moda has stated that purchasing from all third party resellers will void the warranty. If V-moda really wanted to live up to their "six star service" hype, then they should actually ask for the earbuds to be returned, and if they can verify that they are indeed fakes, then they need to have their legal team issue a cease and desist order to Adorama for selling counterfeits. If they end up being original, then they should replace them. This is Just my opinion of course, I understand that legally, V-moda doesn't really have to do anything, since it's stated on their website.

    Quick question clerkpalmer, do the earbuds have a serial number or anything, that you can try registering on the V-moda site? I think the Crossfade wireless that I own, have a serial number. Also, since you're within the return period, if V-moda is not helping, may as well return them to Adorama
  8. dbdynsty25
    Your guys argument is crazy. You bought from a non-authorized seller. Fake or not, it doesn't matter. V-MODA clearly states they do not support products purchased from re-sellers. There's no way for them to control the product after it leaves their warehouse. That's asking WAY too much of a company in regards to risk. Their warranty is fantastic, if you buy from the correct seller. That doesn't seem out of the question.
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  9. clerkpalmer
    Well turns out vmoda does support adorama. Seems like there was confusion on their end. They apologized.
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  10. raheelc
    Nice! Guess I can go ahead and order a pair then :) May be a good idea to suggest to them to add Adorama to their list on the website :)
  11. clerkpalmer
    Apparently adorama is an authorized dealer for Roland and any Roland dealer is also authorized for vmoda. Confusion is understandable I guess.
  12. showme99
    Looks like there are some growing pains in the wake of the V-moda/Roland merger.
  13. raheelc
    Did the pair you received from Adorama still have the seal on the top of the box? The one that you need to cut before you can open the box? I just received a pair from Adorama, and it doesn't have the seal on top.
  14. clerkpalmer
    Yes the red ribbon? Yes. Hope they didn't send you my bad ones...
  15. ri_toast
    i just opened the v moda forza wireless headphones, running them on a samsung j3 with Neutron as the player. I haven't seen any low volume problems or dropout of connection. smaller than i expected and pretty well balanced; mids, bass and treble. my only other bluetooth experience (besides a parrot zik) is with a samsung bhs3000 which allows any headphone to be plugged in. the problem with the 3000 is limited battery life...about 5 hours. v moda package is overdone imo...really? i have to cut a ribbon to open it? first world problems are the best problems to have.
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