V-MODA Forza Series: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

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  1. kyuuketsuki
    Comfort is fantastic. I am not sure I can switch from a microdriver IEM after using Forza Metallo Wireless and the Aurisonics Rockets for so long. They both just disappear into your ears and you can just forget about them no matter what. They are small enough for motorcycle helmet or for laying down on a pillow. It is just fantastic. Though the sports fins can irritate my ears after a while, but I would only use them when I'm running to keep the IEMs from moving.
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  2. 3liminate
    Anyone tried Bose Soundsport Wired?

    Need to decide whether I go Forza or Soundsport :D
  3. mattheguy
    Hi guys.

    Has anyone used the Forza Mettallo wired or wireless varieties with a Sony NW-A35 music player? I have a full lossless library and don't like using my phone for music (too many interruptions/interference) and can't decide if I'd get any benefit with the wireless over the wired versions.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Grafiker
    The wired V-Moda Forza Metallo sounds interesting to me regarding bass and good noise isolation.
    But does the 45-degree jack still work well when you carry your phone straight down?
  5. kyuuketsuki
    Yes, it does. It is actually designed with that use in mind. A straight 90 degree might be stronger but put in a pocket straight down it can put additional wear on the cable, likewise straight isn't very strong at all. Companies started the 45 degree to get the best of both worlds. The strength of 90 degree plug, but the general utility of straight.
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