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  1. Thesonofkrypton
    My question is this - if i love the M100 sound, will these be suitable for me? I think I pretty much found the sound of the M100 in the ZN which I am happy with. I need a wireless pair with similar sound signature for the gym, runs. Of all the wireless pairs I tried, I think the closest was the Jaybird X3 as I could customise the sound using their app. From what people have said these are more balanced?
  2. ri_toast
    this is my only pair of v moda headphones so I can't compare to the M100s but..... balanced (check) detail (check) isolation (check) in fact these once placed on the neck they really stay in place and I haven't snagged the cable on anything; not typical for me. Power on / off and buttons (volume and pause - forward) is something you'll get used to quickly. Then again these aren't 300+ dollars... I like mine, happy that I bought them.
  3. SpiderNhan
    Wired Forza definitely does not sound like the M-100 at all. It's more balanced sounding than the XS.
  4. Thesonofkrypton
    Thanks guys, will probably stick with the ZN in that case. Can't see it getting better for my needs without spending more. Still on the hunt for a decent wireless pair... :/
  5. kyuuketsuki
    Welp, I did it, I ordered the Metallo Wireless. Mainly for use running with my eventually to come Ticwatch S. I am curious how they'll compare to what I use now the LZ-A4 with HB1 cable. I'm sure they'll have better battery life but I'm curious of the sound, especially since the LZ-A4 was never designed to be wireless.
  6. kyuuketsuki
    Anyone with android (preferably Samsung S7E) care to answer if they can skip and go back tracks with their V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless? I can't seem to. Also the center button is not consistent as is. I can usually get it working, but I'm wondering if I got a faulty unit. But I don't want to send it back unless I'm 100% sure. I know that on my Samsung, Fire HD 8 Tablet (2017) and on my old Nexus 5 it is the same. Volume works, always (so long as there is music coming through), but the center button either doesn't work at all (at least initially) or cannot skip or go back tracks with double and triple press.Just wondering if this is common or requires a replacement.
    I have an S7 but not the FMW. Just to clarify: when you press the play button, nothing happens immediately--but if you wait maybe 5-10 seconds, does the music eventually play? My main wired IEMs are the Sennheiser Momentums. Sometimes I'll press Play and nothing happens immediately. A few seconds later, music plays. If I press play and don't get any music, wait a second, then press play again, I'll get half a second of music and then it pauses.
  8. kyuuketsuki
    It isn't even 5-10 seconds delay though, nothing happens at all, no matter how long I wait or hold down the button. And when it does start working it works with minimal delay, but doesn't activate voice command when held down for 3 seconds. I think the middle button is defective on my set. I'm sending them in for warranty repair. Keep in mind, I have the NiceHCK HB1 Bluetooth cable that I've paired with my LZ-A4 and Tennmak Pros. That cable works perfectly to pause, play, skip, repeat and initialize voice command (though getting the timing for that is rough). So I know the S7 software is capable, but the bluetooth devices are all different. The HB1 uses only the center button for play/pause and voice. It uses the Upper and Lower buttons for skip and volume, so all music control is not on the middle button. I don't know if that is what is required of the S7E software to allow full music control. But the fact that I can press the middle button and have nothing happen is irksome
    It sounds like a defect; hopefully that's truly the case. I've used a few different Android headphones and they all work, even if there's a delay. Recently, the AKG N20 NC troubled me since the + volume button sometimes lowered the volume instead, so I sent those back. The Android manufacturers wire their headset jacks differently but I just assumed everyone modeled their Android cables after Samsung, since they're the #1 Android manufacturer.
  10. lzwtheprodigy
    I just got a pair of Forza wired.

    Loving it so far.

    Just checking and confirming that it is a tad bit softer than most IEMs? I came from Shure SE215 Black.

    I have to turn up the volume on my S7E by two notches to match the volume from the Shures, which is around 70%-80% volume.

    Any thoughts?
  11. cryosx
    I know that when I watch a YouTube video and turn off my phone my Bluetooth buds don't play music when I hit the play button. However if I was playing music last, then the music app will still have audio focus or whatever and start playing immediately when I hit the play button.
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  12. kyuuketsuki
    They were definitely defective. I sent them back and got a new pair, and those are working flawlessly. I'm actually surprised I got a dud, but all is well now.
  13. Nirvana1000
    Does the wireless Forza really sound better than the wired?I was ready to pull the trigger on the wired Forza Metallo but now I am considering the wireless factor.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2017
  14. kyuuketsuki
    I can't speak for the Wired vs Wireless Forza Metallo as I only have the Wireless, but I can vouch for the sound quality. I usually keep my wired Aurisonic Rockets in my pocket as a back up, and honestly... While I prefer the sound slightly compared, they are like close cousins in sound and presentation. And I don't think the wireless degrades the sound quality to any significant level that I'd say I absolutely need to have a wired. AptX is an amazing technology, and if regular AptX sounds this good, I can only imagine AptX HD will only close the gap even more. Wireless technology and wireless codecs have come a long way.
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  15. Nirvana1000
    It seems so.And I have read that comfort is excellent on both the wired and wireless.I will take the weekend to decide.Looking forward to pairing either one with my HTC10.
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