Upgrade from Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds?
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Dec 30, 2010
Hello, I'm a sophomore in high school, right now for headphones I have Skullcandy ink'd 
and Sony MDR-PQ2 (On the ear headphones)
I am impressed with the quality offered by the Skullcandy Ink'd for their cheap price, plus they have a lifetime warranty, and they have broken once (as skullcandys' tend to do) but I was able to get them replace for free at Best Buy. 
Right now I like the Sony ones, they have great bass and sound, and they're very comfortable to use for long periods of time. 
The type of music I listen to is mainly Metal, Rap (underground stuff, not played on radio), and electronic - I like a lot of bass for Dubstep.
My source is my iPod touch 4th generation. - I listen to music on the bus, sometimes in the halls at schools, and at home probably totaling 3+ hours a day.
I haven't done much research yet, but what I'm looking for is a pair of Earbuds/Earphones/ IEM (I don't know the difference between them, sorry) 
I'm looking for something I might just be able to pick up at Best Buy, because my mom makes a big deal sometimes when I purchase off the internet with her card. 
I have been looking into the Klipsch Image S4, and heard that they are a good IEM for under $100. 
My budget is going to probably be under $100., I have a job as a soccer referee which in Minnesota only allows for fall, spring and summer, and I'm currently looking to get a new job at Burger King or something local. 
What do you recommend for something with a lot of bass for under $100?

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