1. No Username

    New user, need advice and help (:

    I just bought Skullcandy Ink'd 2011 headphones from eBay Canada. Got a good deal, 12.95 with free shipping. They are on their way. What I wanted was some pumping bass in my earphones. I used a skullcandy titan 2 years ago and man that soumded awesome. Anyway, I am seeing many Phillips earphones...
  2. tartantangents

    Portable, closed headphones adequately driven by iPod touch for under $50

    Hello, I'm a first poster on Head-Fi, but I've read up quite a bit in my quest for my ideal portable headphone (ljokerl's portable headphone shootout was invaluable in my search).   For starters, I currently have bargain-bin headphones scooped up for $10-15 each at Marshalls or TJMaxx...
  3. ElusiveEddie

    New and have some Questions!

    Hey everyone! New to this site as you can tell, but picked up my first set of crappy 3 dollar IEM's a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since =)  Have checked countless hours of reviews and bought lots of cheap and on-sale lower quality phones and am ready to purchase some better ones. My...
  4. enc643

    Upgrade from Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds?

    Hello, I'm a sophomore in high school, right now for headphones I have Skullcandy ink'd   and Sony MDR-PQ2 (On the ear headphones)...
  5. Ink'd Smokin' Buds Headphones - Green

    Ink'd Smokin' Buds Headphones - Green

    Ink adds permanence. It forces the visual representation of an idea, concept, ideal or experience, and tangibly commemorates it. Like a tattoo, graffiti, or stretch marks. Until you're really ready to commit, go with the INK'D ear buds. Big sound, little price, no visible scarring!