Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More
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Just got my reshelled 64 Audio A12 back today. Different sound signature, but still, swapping to Mason right after...ugh, what have you done to me @Cotnijoe

Deep apologies... ... :ksc75smile:

I think you actually posted your review in the Mentor page instead of the Mason page! Is there any way to switch that up haha
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EDIT: I re-posted in the proper place & flagged it for the ADMIN to delete.

Don't forget to post an updated link on here again too :wink:
Looking forward to reading :)
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The European tour has started! Both the Mentor V3 and the Mason v3 should be with their respective reviewers today. Take pictures with your gear, my lovelies!

I've also done an unboxing gallery on Audio Primate, and will have some impressions shortly.




Mmm, pretty. More images on the blog--don't want to flood the thread .
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The Mason v3 has headed off to @Layman1 and the Mentor v3 is with @Jackpot77. I'm holding off on my impressions right now, but they are done and scheduled for the blog. I'll share a bit more in a couple days. In the meantime, I hope to see more impressions from Europe and America. Where all you folks at. Don't be so quiet, you might make the crickets die of boredom!

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