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[unboxing] KEF LS50 Wireless

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tamsaiming2003, Dec 19, 2016.
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  1. wilflare
    any tuning tips? can't seem to get something that sounds good (or decent)
  2. bearFNF Contributor
    I used one of the articles I read as the baseline and then tweaked form there.
    I also tried lots of other settings, takes time, but finally got to where I like it best.
    I had a relative come visit and had her listen to the default versus my settings and she liked my setting best.
    Didn't tell what I was doing just switched it to default and she said, "Eww, what did you do, it sounds bad now, what did you do? whatever you did put it back."
    I switched it back and she said, "Oh yeah, now that's better, I like that a lot beter, don't do that again". It was my mom so obviously I didn't "do that again"... :)

    Before I post my setting I want to say this, I know someone will say "those settings are whacked, you messed it all up" but, before any of you post it, I really only care that they sound good to me like this and that is enough.

    So here are my settings FWIW and YMMV and all that. Your room may be a lot different than mine.
    Mine are on stands next to my entertainment center about a foot from the wall. angled into the room 12 foot wide, 23 into open kitchen, 7.5 foot ceiling
    Room is very lively (sliding glass door, carpet, lots of furniture)
    On the expert tab:
    Desk mode: off
    Wall mode: on at -5dB
    Treble trim: -2dB
    Phase correction: on
    Bass extension: Standard
    High pass frequency: off
    Sub out low-pass frequency: 120Hz
    Sub Gain: 5dB
    Sub Polarity: +

    I do tweak it every so often just for kicks. but these setting are there most of the time. I also tune it at times for high Neighbor acceptance factor due to living in an apartment (meaning lower volumes and lower bass rumble).

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
    Peter Hyatt and wilflare like this.
  3. wilflare
    thanks so much! I'll go back and try these settings out. heh.
    really just have to fix my left/right speaker imbalance for now.

    anyone using a separate DAC with these speakers?

    bought them in Singapore... the price is insane and there's no freebies to go along (i.e. isotek power cables, etc. :/)
  4. bearFNF Contributor
    As far as I know every signal goes to the internal DAC, no way to bypass it.
  5. wilflare
    I'm using my Mimby with them and it sounds like the details are better resolved with the Mimby (not sure if it's placebo).

    What I'm bothered with is the vocals being weighted on the right :/
  6. IamMathew
    You can still do the blind test to know for sure.
  7. Matez
    Ha, LS50 thread on HF, that's a good one. I've had this product for nearly two years and I had a blast with it. Very good speakers for the price, but their owners here probably know that already:L3000:
  8. wilflare
    any suggestions for good tracks to test them?

    hmm anyone tried replacing the Cat6 cable with something of higher quality?
  9. wgb113
    I'm using a Belden DataTuff Industrial Ethernet CAT6 patch cord. It features their proven bonded-pair technology and industrial connectors like those used in the Audioquest Diamond cable.
  10. wilflare
    got a link to those cables?
    anyone changed the power cables and/or use a power filter with them?
  11. wgb113
  12. wilflare
    oh you rolled your own Ethernet cables as well? wonder if I can get Ghentaudio to do so as well.

    was thinking of getting Isotek power cables
  13. wgb113
    Nope, just the power cables. The ethernet cables linked to are sold as patch-cords.
  14. wilflare
    any discernible sound difference with the new power cables?
  15. wgb113
    Honestly - no. But they were a better length and look a heck of a lot nicer!
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