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[unboxing] KEF LS50 Wireless

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tamsaiming2003, Dec 19, 2016.
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  1. tamsaiming2003
    So, one day, a big box landed on my home. A 23kg box! Wow? What's inside?
    IsoTek EV03 Premierx2
    Gloss Black/Blue (so cyber~)
    ^^AV products with lower noise level
    It's KEF LS50 Wireless! Bravo! The "active" version of renowned KEF LS50 with 4 Wolfson WM8740E DAC (two on one side)(side-note: 24bit 192khz playback, no native DSD playback supported, to play a DSD file, you need to convert DSD to PCM format(i.e. software decoding)See below:
    Windows: usb dac- foobar2000; 
    MacOS: usb dac- Audirvana Plus; 
    Android: dlna playback-local music: Neutron Music Player, cloud music(Qobuz or Tidal): BubbleUPnP), 
    AMP and DSP, wifi(2.4g and 5g), bluetooth, RCA input, Toslink input, USB type B port......etc, all these new hardware and software with just HKD$10000 more (less than USD$1300)
    The Ports(Back of the right KEF LS50 Wireless)
    The uni-q driver is so sexy!
    So, you know the speaker requires more than 500 hours of burn-in time(the uni-q driver, dac and amp). So, how do I "skip" the burn-in time and enjoy the great music?
    I pair the KEF LS50 Wireless with my cheap but great DAC and AMP:
    Chord Mojo
    Nobsound MS-10D Mkii]Nobsound MS-10D Mkii (with Russian 6H1n tubes and Russian 6n1n-EB tubes)
    Cable: 1. Labkable Acoustic Revive PC-triple C 3.5mm male to RCA male
    2. Moon Audio Silver Dragon USB cable (will use)
    Both of them are of high CP values.(Well, I am so poor that I cannot buy a desktop DAC or desktop pre-AMP or desktop AMP or desktop integrated AMP)
    No extra money to buy a SACD player or CD player......so I use my old blu-ray player
    Another angle of the speaker. Oh, the uni-q driver is so handsome!
    Aux input
    Optical Toslink input
    USB input
    Wifi(use it with "LS50 Wireless" app, with this app, you can configure speaker distance from edge of the desk, distance from the speaker to the wall, level of bass extension,.etc. Thus, you can tailor-make your KEF sound!)(Again, android-dlna playback:local music: Neutron Music Player, cloud music(Qobuz or Tidal): BubbleUPnP))
    Bluetooth aptx (There is no aptx HD codec with this speaker. This is a flagship bookshelf speaker, right? Hope KEF adds aptx HD or LDAC in the next generation LS50.)
    Getting ready
    <<U87>> from Eason Chan (Cantonese, 2005) - Recommended by Time Magazine as one of the five best Asian albums worth buying<<<<<<<A must buy sacd, even if you don't understand Cantonese at all!
    A good album from Faye Wong
    The big picture
    One more sexy picture of
    Chord Mojo and Nobsound MS-10D Mk II
    I will share my first impression/review on youtube, stay tuned!
    Thx. for reading! Shut up and take your money out!
    The next unboxing and review: Sony MDR-Z1R
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  2. Adaptivemotion
    May I ask where you bought the KEF LS50 Wireless speakers?
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  3. tamsaiming2003
    Hong Kong. KEF has been selling LS50 Wireless with a pair of free IsoTek EV03 Premier since 1/12/2016.
  4. KarlMoody
    It sure looks nice! I never really got around to listening to any respectable wireless Hi-Fi products...maybe I should look into these..
    Happy listening!
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  5. bigbeard
    wow...1 year ahead of US release? Why?
  6. phoenixdogfan
    We won't have to wait a year.  They coming to the US in Jan 2017.
  7. andrewinukm
    Tom, 新年快樂!
    My setup is similar too Mojo to Nobsound to Gallo speakers.

    I'm curious about what is your impression of the Nobsound?
  8. tamsaiming2003
    恭喜發財! Andrew. If you can read Chinese, read this. If not, never mind. It is just a full impression about KEF LS50 Wireless, turntable Teac Tn570, Chord Mojo, Nobdound MS-10D MK II.
    Anyway, back to your question, my impression with Nobsound and russian tubes(red one, RMB 78), starting with the bad are that the sound become very thin and it leans a little bit backward. The bass is completely cut as well as the dynamics. But the good side is the sound is warm, soft and a little bit dark. If you can drop by a Chinese CD shop and buy an album from Faye Wong, or more easily, listen to Tidal or Qobuz(this is the best streaming platform I have ever heard of), listen to "Yue Ding" from Faye Wong. You would be amazed by the sweet soft vocal from Faye Wong. This is what I found good by the Nobsound MS-10D Mkii.
    But I am not satisified with this. I would like a pre-amp which can play on one hand, soft sweet vocal, on the other hand, high dynamics music, clean and solid (deep) bass. Thus, I recently bought this pre-amp with 2 jj ecc82 and 2 jj ecc83s delux package. I also bought two 6u4n rectifiers to replace the stock crap 6z4 rectifiers. So now my setup is, iMac-->Chord Mojo-->new pre-amp-->KEF LS50 Wireless.
    I am looking forward for the sonic improvement.
    Hope my impression helps you.
  9. s002wjh
    is this sealed port or rear ported?
  10. tamsaiming2003
    All ports are on the back of the (main) right speaker.
  11. listen4joy
    there a chance that these speakers will sound great without an amp? just plug and play to pc?
  12. tamsaiming2003
    Yes and no, depends on your desire. If you want something a wired/wireless active speaker can do, LS50W itself is enough and the answer. If you want amp sound with passive LS50, e.g. Marantz PM8005 with passive LS50, then LS50W itself is not enough. You need a pre-amp or passive LS50 with Marzntz PM8005. If you hope for tube sound, buy a tube pre-amp and LS50W or tube pre-amp, tube amp with passive LS50 or tube integrated amp with passive LS50. So, all depends on your desire and wants.
  13. KarlMoody
    How do these compare to the wired versions? 
  14. phoenixdogfan
    Probably will sound great. It would be interesting for someone who has both a quality LS 50 set up and the wired LS 50 to write up a comparison and post it here.
  15. tamsaiming2003
    Update: how to reduce the too powerful and clutter bass and make it clean and a pleasing one

    According to HK magazine <>, go to LS50 Wireless app, enter speaker setttings, expert mode, set wall mode: -5.5db (range from 0.0db to -6.0 db) and you are good to go.
    (I beleive desk mode: mid modification; wall mode: bass modification; treble trim: treble modification)
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