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[unboxing] KEF LS50 Wireless

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tamsaiming2003, Dec 19, 2016.
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  1. wilflare
    my KEF LS50W is at the service centre for sound imbalance...
    bought a Tacima Power Strip/conditioner - wonder how it will affect the sound :/
  2. Peter Hyatt
    New owner of the LS50W and am very pleased. The sound is gorgeous. I did not think wireless could sound this accurate.

    I am going to add the 12" Kube subwoofer so the "Rites of Spring" or Earth Wind & Fire will rattle my filings.

    What a system. special thanks to Taylor at Gold Print Audio. http://www.goldprintaudio.com/demopreownedequipmentspecials.html. I've placed order for the subwoofer through him. It is the 12b model here: https://www.kefdirect.com/kube12-subwoofer.html

    I did a lot of homework on this and I agree with those who feel it does not need a subwoofer.

    I just want it.

    The app needs updating but bluetooth from Audirvana is smooth.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
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  3. nvfan
    I wonder if a passive LS50 can compete with the wireless sound wise?
  4. hornytoad
    With the right equipment ,yes but the passive LS50's are very finicky about the amps you pair them with.
    And you would have to spend more money than the wireless version.
  5. Peter Hyatt
    I demo'd both and I think the passive can sound equal; it is just a matter of time matching the right amp, pre amp and DAC.

    I think the cost of the LS50w makes it more affordable.
  6. wilflare
    anyone used Bluesound with the LS50W?
  7. Peter Hyatt
    Thus far, I have used the Wifi and Bluetooth -- Wifi with TIDAL has drop offs every so often, but that is in general; not the LS50W.

    Bluetooth Audirvana is our favorite.
  8. ashenone
    Hi there, anybody feel that ls50w treble is recessed, mines have too much bass, i play a song and thing i hear is bass & bass. i adjusted Desk mode & wall mode to -6db each and treble trim to +2db but it almost make no sense.
    Sorry for my engrisk, it's bad xD
  9. bearFNF Contributor
  10. hornytoad
    No .
  11. ashenone
  12. peterinvan
    I have a small listening room (8x11), and my solution to the "boomy bass" was to install 10 acoustic panels in the corners and at the first reflection points. I fabricated my panels using 2" Roxul panels, a simple wood frame and a light burlap fabric.

    This tamed the bass, however my old ears needed a bit more top end, so I use the DSP in Roon to add a +6db on a ramped slope from about 9Khz upwards.

    My LS50W are set at -5db bass and treble trim to +2db. Reduced bass.

    I prefer accurate, taught bass to heavy "dub" bass. Especially fond of the acoustic bass. Very happy with the LS50W.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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  13. Peter Hyatt
  14. bigbeard
    I had my LS50w since they first came out in the US. Also had them paired with a dual 15inch PSA 3000i sub.

    Everyday I am amazed and truly enjoy the sound. Even people who would never looked at audio the way we do are impressed by the clarity the sound of the speakers. Pairing them with a sub provides a mind blowing experience each time.

    One off topic question...do you guys, which have the speakers connected to a computer, put windows sound settings for the speakers at 24bit/192khz? The DAC in these will convert it to that regardless of the input, correct? So it would not be best to have windows/programs convert the sound just to have it converted again by the speakers' DAC.
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  15. Peter Hyatt
    UPS out for delivery on KEF Kube subwoofer. I'll revert with opinion...
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