[unboxing] KEF LS50 Wireless

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tamsaiming2003, Dec 19, 2016.
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  1. Jacobal
    Very nice!
  2. ashenone
    HELLO. How much for all these thing. Is those isotek include shipped pack or you bought them seperately?
  3. tamsaiming2003
    $18000 hkd. I get the early bird promotion so I get isotek evo 3 premier for free. I heard that people can get the LS50W at around $13000 hkd in HK with warranty in their ways.
  4. ashenone
    I Got mine around 1500usd, around 12000hdk. Maybe that the reason i dont have those isotek stuffs.
  5. Negyt
    where did you got it at that price in HK, USA Store?
    excellent price for sure
  6. ashenone
    Im in vietnam. Some store sell with that price.
  7. bearFNF Contributor
    Anyone else having issues with IR remotes (TV/cable box) signals changing volume and turing off their LS50W?

    For instance, my cable remote, when i hit the "last channel" button, it turns the speakers off or on, or when I am in the channel guide, the page up page down turns the volume of the KEFs up or down. What really makes this frustrating is that it doe not happen all the time.
  8. wilflare
    can't seem to find the main thread for LS50W but it seems like a new update is now live on the KEF site
  9. bearFNF Contributor
    yep, new firmware and update to app.
  10. wilflare
    did anyone figure how to swap the Left and Right speakers?

    my Left speaker sound much softer than the Right. the vocals seem to be weighted on the Right speaker :/
  11. bearFNF Contributor
    Borrowed this from the roon forum. Have not tried it yet.
    "Kef will be posting this into the fw update release notes but in the mean time…

    7639622D-6E8E-4C03-9A2E-5FB2C0B2A916.jpg2224x1668 167 KB

    To set Master as Left Channel,

    1 In PC source press the space between source select and volume down icon 5 times
    2. Press volume up icon once
    3. Press A, the blinking icon will swap from C to D.
    4. Press B to confirm and exit.

    Repeating the above process will swap the channels back again." Credit to Ratbert
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  12. drwlf
    @bearFNF almost like a Konami code.
    wilflare likes this.
  13. bearFNF Contributor
    Contra ruled... :D
  14. wilflare
    lol. that's some Konami code indeed (I think the Konami code was less convoluted... lol)

    is it preferable to actually mess with the sound settings via the app? default sounds good but it gets tad bit boomy but tuning the settings seem to pull back the bass too much
  15. bearFNF Contributor
    I did not like the default. I use expert and tune it to the room.
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