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Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

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  1. uelover
    I am using the stock copper cable. I have previously tried a few cables with my UERM, only to eventually go back to the stock cable because it sounds the most 'correct' to my ears.
  2. seedubchris
    How is the balance of the mids/highs to the bass. Some have commented on there being a laid back quality to the highs as a result of the added lows. The reason I ask is I will be mixing on them and have struggled with the choice of the UERR or the 18+ pro. I want the best of both worlds . I want them to be reference in their presentation but still fun to listen to. The rep for UE said the 18+ has the flattest freq response of their whole line which would indicate that they are taking the knowledge they gained from the collusion with Capitol engineers and combining that with a "spare no expense approach" to components. It seems like they are the same BA's as the UERR with the exception of the added bass armatures. You are in a unique position to comment on the contrast of the two products as you own the first version of the UERM. Please let me know how they differ in their freq responses. I'm hoping the 18+'s are flat like the UERR but just better/ more resolving. Thanks.
  3. olddude
    [QI would never put a non-UE cable on my UERM. It’s tuned to the stock cable and I don’t want to change the tuning

    As to UERM vs. 18+, i can’t see how the 18 is ref. It, from all the reviews I’ve read, is quite a bit warmer/more bass than is the UERM. I’ve never seen it referred to as flat- just the opposite. I didn’t buy it just because of that.
  4. seedubchris
    This stands in stark contrast to what I was told by their rep. He said "I have seen the RTA on all of our models, and the RR and the 18+ win the prize for most flat. The 18+ even more so. It has the low end that the RR wishes it had."
    The newer 18+pro has totally new and different high BA's than the older 18 pro. Maybe you are referring to the older version of the 18?
    Planning on using UE spec gold silver cable. I'm sure they voiced their cabling to work well with their phones.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  5. uelover
    UERR and UE18+ are similar to each other, with the UE18+ better than the UERR in almost every way. Neither are flat sounding IEM. The UE18+ in particular when compared to the UERR has a wider and deeper soundstage, nicer sub-bass response. The vocals fall in place nicely with the other frequencies. The top end is not as sparkly as some other IEMs but I don't find anything lacking as I could still pick up the details very well. It is a phenomenal experience using this for music listening and enjoyment.

    The UERM on the other hand is flat sounding and very very transparent and clear. Everything is presented in a direct and forward manner to you. It is the traditional sound which I am familiar with and comfortable to use it to analyse and do mixing.

    Based on my own personal preference, for audio mixing, I will pick them in the following manner: UERM > UERR >= UE18+

    For music listening/enjoyment, I will pick them in the following manner: UE18+ > UERR >= UERM

  6. olddude
    From what I've read and been told by someone who had both and sold his UERR, the UERR has a bit more bass and a bit less treble than does my UERM. And yes, it's flatfish but does have peaks and valleys. Great transparent sound, everything is there, just not more than there. The 18+ seems to be a warmer IEM, more "fun" but certainly not flat. As to cables, I've only used the original UE cables, have not tried their new line. But I'm sure that they have R&D'd them to make sure they pair. Just keep in mind that cables will be passing along sound from your DAP, so that enters into the picture as well. Bright DAP and bright cables into bright IEMs may be too much, where if your IEMs are warmer it might be a good pairing. No way to tell until you try.
  7. seedubchris
    You have answered my questions very succinctly and I thank you for that . If you could only have one pair of the three and mix for a living , which one would you choose given the uerm is no longer available?
  8. uelover
    If I could only pick one IEM between UERR and UE18+, it will be UE18+. It is no worse than UERR for audio mixing, but for audio listening it beats UERR.

    That is my opinion so far. Things may change after prolonged listening to the UE18+ so please do not take anything as conclusive yet.
  9. dongster
    quick question on UE18+
    100 dB @ 1 kHz, 100 mW?
    it really needs 100mw for 100db? that sounds crazy high for an IEM
  10. uelover
    I have no issue playing them off directly from my iPhone 7, Sony Xperia XZ and my MacBook Pro. Normal listening volume is set at around 40%.
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  11. seedubchris
    How are the 18's settling in . Are they still top of your list after a week? I get mine soon . They are wrapping up the custom art for the face plates . It's the same image as my avatar. Hope it looks and sounds great.
  12. malvinviriya
    This thing really loves its power. It scales really well with better, more powerful amps and/or DAPs. I kinda feel that the sound is far more energetic and so much well refined driven from the iDSD BL vs my iPhone or Mac. With some powerful dedicated players like WM1A or QP2R this thing shines even more, and I'm not sure if it's my bias, but I notice more treble out of those 2.

    Probably I'm not the one you expect the reply from. But I've had mine for over a month right now, and when I have the chance I went and compared them against a more expensive sets like the VE8, K10E, PP8 and KL-REF and these stood up really well vs the competitors. And also, UE's faceplates are pretty solid tbh. My mahogany faceplates looks really nice in the light, and I think yours will too
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  13. seedubchris
    Not surprised they are power hungry. Still struggling with what to power them with . My ak240 should do a fine job but I can't help but wonder what if any improvement might be made with pairing them with an amp like the pure 2? Does any one out there run these ears in balanced mode and where would I get a cable to run them in balanced. UE said they won't modify their cabling which is terminated in SE. Guess that means I'll be looking to a third party manufacture for the balanced set up. Do other cable manufacturers have the right pins for attaching(.76?) the ears to their cabling ? Maybe I shouldn't even worry about the balanced thing but I sure like the way my JH Michells sound balanced out of the ak240 with moon audio black dragon cables.
    What suggestions do you all have for a high end portable power amp with balanced capability for these ears ? I sure wish questyle had an amp separate of their dap as I like their circuit topology philosophy but I can't find any options from them for separate amps . The pure 2 seems to get some love around here . Then there is the mojo Hugo thing but some folks question the value per dollar/yen what have you. Any suggestions ? Thanks guys!
  14. uelover
    Yes, they are still at the top of my list right now.

    I agree that they scale up with better gear. What is impressive however is how good they sound of out the iPhone and Mac that I am happy enough to go with just that without feeling like I am lacking anything.
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  15. wldcohso
    Does anyone know if Ultimate Ears is having a Black Friday sale? really looking into getting a pair of these.
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