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Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

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  1. Zomgnoob
    Just wondering if you guys have the same issue with cables..
    I recently purchased a set of silver dragon 2pin cables for my ue 18 pro+, does anyone have issues with fit after attaching the cables? I feel like the termination at the 2 pin side kind of prevents me from fully inserting into my ears, due to the obstruction with my outer ears.
    Connection is a really tough process too, im quite sure im doing it wrong since my 2 pin cables actually bent significantly while im trying to force it in... hope this isnt a problem that always occurs with others :frowning2:
  2. Wyville
    Does your silver dragon have UE specific 2-pin connectors? There is a difference between the 2-pin connectors UE uses and the more common CIEM 2-pin. I believe the difference is 0.75mm for UE connectors and 0.78mm for CIEM connectors.
  3. Zomgnoob
    Hmm that might be the problem then.. It looks to be the generic 2 pin cables for me. That might explain why it was so terribly difficult to get them connected. My heart SANK while i was trying to insert the pins in and they were bent 10-20degrees.
    For a moment, i thought it would break in there and i would have to send it back to UE to get them fix.. *shudder*

    The fit using the stock cables feels better than the silver dragon though.. Kinda have to weight the pros and cons of having a better sound using silver dragons versus comfort :/
  4. Wyville
    Perhaps you can get the silver dragon re-terminated to have UE connectors, which I think will be the same shape as the stock ones?
  5. normie610
    If you're referring to iOS app, I use NePlayer. I find the sound to be much superior than the stock Music app, and the 15-band EQ is also wonderful (albeit a graphic EQ not parametric). But the listening must be done from within the app, it perfectly mirrors the playlist of Music app so it's very easy and intuitive. Mind you, it won't be able to play songs with DRM, just like any other 3rd party app.
  6. olddude
    UE uses a different, proprietary termination. Forcing a fit will eventually or sooner break the pins.

    Oh, and custom cable-makers can't (or at least couldn't) get the stock UE connectors. They have to use 3rd-party ones (at least that was my experience).
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
  7. Zomgnoob
    Yeah, i definitely would have to get custom UE connectors.. I guess i shoulda researched it a bit more before impulsively buying a cable! These pin sizes are all so confusing, i only thought there was a difference between jh audio and other 2 pin cables but i guess its a newbie's mistake!
    Thanks for your help loads :)
  8. bana
    I'm looking at getting the 18+ Pro but does anyone know if you can get a 4.4mm balanced cable option to work with my Sony WM-NW1Z?
  9. ejong7
    Not 100% sure but I believe UE are yet to supply that.....best to check with 3rd party cable suppliers like Effect Audio and PlusSound
  10. bana
  11. joshuachew
    Just ordered mine yesterday. Got it with the silver cables.
    How long is the turnaround time of these IEMs?
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  12. beauxrichards
    It’s usually 7-10 Business day turnaround from when they receive your impressions and the impressions pass quality control.
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  13. AC-12
    Hi UE,

    Enjoying my UE18+, but doing some cable rolling. Is there any way to get a confirmation on the 2-pin connector sizes? I have the non-recessed version and it would be nice to know if the size is .78mm or it's still at .75mm?

    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
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  14. AC-12
  15. seedubchris
    First Post !

    Just ordered my 18's and looking for things to sell to afford cabling and an amp. Im using an AK 240 but assume I will need to step up to an amp to make full use of the 18's as they are probably pretty power hungry. Can anyone recommend a cable solution for the 18's? I'm a professional audio engineer and producer and I need the flat reference that these latest iterations of UE phones seem to offer. I was going to spring for the PRR's but was talked out of the idea by a rep from UE. In his view the best UE product for my applications is the 18+ citing the enhanced bottom end and the new BA's pioneered by the UERR's. I told him the 18's of old were reported to be a little scooped in the mid's due to the extra bass. He assured me that of all the RTA's he had seen from the UE line that the 18+ was the flattest of them all. This is where my question for you guys comes in. If he is correct and the 18+'s are truly immune to the mid scoop the older 18's had is there any reason for me to order a cable from them to augment the mid's /high's like their 99% silver cable or should I take him at his word that there is no lacking of said mid's and highs and therefore no need for a brighter cable? I have the 30% off deal so now would be the time to buy the cable if i'm going to buy a specialized cable from them. Another question is about the balanced performance of the 18+ vs. the single ended. Do you all feel it is worth running them in balanced mode or are they fine or even optimized for SE? Lastly if you all were in my shoes ,how would you approach the cabling from a connector standpoint. would you get one really good cable like the gold/silver offering from UE and get an adapter or would you get two separate cables one SE and one TTRS because the adapter diminishes the audio fidelity? Im also open to the idea of getting a SE cable from UE for pro stage use and a third party TRRS balanced cable for hi fi use with my AK 240 from moon/PW/Effect if you who are in the know think is the best way to go given my circumstances.
    Thanks in advance for your views on my situation. I'm learning fast but as you all know there is a lot to absorb in this sprint to poverty.....

    P.S. Will my AK 240 cut it as am amp for these potentially power hungry CIEM's or do I have to look into selling a kidney on the black market to afford an amp to drive them? If so whats the hip choice in amps. Hugo way out of my price range. Maybe Mojo or Pure? Thanks Guys!
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