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Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

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  1. seedubchris
    That ship has sailed early. Over three weeks ago they offered 30% off their whole line .
  2. wldcohso
    this just sucks, i reached out to them on the 21st of Oct and I see their promotion started on the 23rd... ugh! darn.. can't believe I missed it.
  3. seedubchris
    I feel your pain. maybe plead your case with them. I wanted to get another pair for my partner but they were not playing ball. They did offer free premium cable and custom art as a consolation. If you were going to go that rout which I did that represents around $400 off the total bill.
  4. amgupt01
    I'm not sure I understand what you all mean when you say that these benefit from more power when compared to playing straight from an iPhone or MacBook.

    I'm trying to run them from my Schiit Magni 3 (on Low Gain), and I can barely turn the volume past 9-o'clock before they become unmanageably loud...

    Are you all using the buffer jack, or am I misunderstanding something about what "more power" means?
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
  5. kaiyin1988
    Hi, I just ordered the UE18+ with “Gold Silver Copper Cable” on BlackFriday.

    I am planning to buy the Mojo&Poly ( maybe only Mojo ?) or Hugo2 for my UE18+.

    Any experience which is better for UE18+?
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  6. seedubchris
    I have never heard the Hugo stuff but from what I read it would be a good fit for the 18's . They are very bass centric and therefor benefit from source with clear and focused highs. I have had success with ak 320 . The dual akm 4490 dacs are super clear with lots of high end. My ak 240 was a little too soft to set them off . I also stopped using the gold/silver cable as UE would not re terminate them and I wasn't happy with the sound of the unbalanced out of the ak320. I'm not sure whether it was the UE cable or the balanced out but I went from being underwhelmed to very satisfied after pilfering the moon audio black dragon cable from my JH Michell's and attaching them to the 18"s. I went ahead and ordered a Plus Sound gold plated copper Exo as a direct result of this experience . I'm not so impressed with the cable that came with the 18's even though it was extra money. It looks a lot thinner and has an assembly line feel to the fit and finish . Not custom at all and nothing like it looked in the pictures .i think the cable is showing UE's true colors which is more about stage performance and not HiFi. All in all I would say you are in for a real treat if you can get the cabling and source right. I love mine . Just didn't think they would take all the cable rolling to sound right . Also despite what they say, they do take a bit to break in. I thought I had made a real mistake listining to them at first but they came in beautifully in the end.
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  7. kaiyin1988
    Thank you so much for your experience.
  8. AC-12
    If you can wait another 3 weeks, there is a decent chance the 2Go (Poly equiv for H2) will be announced in Vegas @CES.

    Recommend H2, but con is portability. Not a problem for I, but it's something to consider.

    Be careful where you buy the H2 in the 852. Some go as low as HK$15K, but I believe it doesn't include warranty. I did not have too much time to investigate...


    You should stop by Sim City, Jaben or Sino Centre to have a listen. For I, too many quirks non-SQ related with the Mojo. H2 is solid m8.

    Be warned though. Mojo gateway --> H2 gateway --> DAVE.

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
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  9. kaiyin1988
    Thank you so much.

    I already buy the Mojo from Hong Kong. But still consider the Poly Airplay sound quality.

    I try the Hugo2 the must be better, but not that crazy much difference on IEM.

    But that size too difficult link to the mobile and go out. And Poly Bluetooth much better than the Hugo2 Bluetooth.

  10. AC-12
    Congratulations on the Mojo/UE18+ combo. It will only get better once you add the Poly.

    I miss my Mojo [SOLD] all the time.
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  11. kaiyin1988
    But you change the Hugo2
  12. kaiyin1988
    How's your experience compare Hugo2 and Mojo on UE18+ or other IEM?
  13. AC-12
    Yes, it's a natural Chord progression Mojo -> Hugo2 -> DAVE??.

    The Mojo was a test run of the Chord sound signature before committing to the Hugo2.

    I should say I miss the Mojo portability more than anything. The Hugo2 SQ is more suitable, but the Mojo I can just grab and go. I'm hoping the 2Go (Wireless) addon will make the Hugo2 more grab and go.
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  14. AC-12
    I cannot comment too much because my system is in a state of flux this year. Constant changes. I'm also breaking in cables for the next few months. They need 250 hours of recommended burn-in time.

    In the meantime, you can read this review while listening to the UE18+:


    I recommend just enjoying your brand new UE18+/Mojo combo and not worrying about upgrading at this time. Like most things, it situational. I was not ready to take the Hugo2 leap until I spent some time with the Mojo. Also, your situation is you need something very portable.

    For now, let's just say with the UE18+/Hugo2 combo; I don't have the discipline to stop listening until the battery dies out. With the Mojo, I need to take breaks. But this comes at the cost of portability.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2017
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  15. soullinker20
    Just auditioned these and the UERR earlier. didn't notice how long I was listening to them. I was surprised after having auditioned so many high end IEM/HPs, i heard more micro details with the 18+ i couldn't believe that i'm hearing more details than ever before.

    i like this than the UERR, very similar in signature but i like bigger soundstage. i find them neutral to warm, bass isn't lacking and the vocals sound natural, rich highs and a lot of extension.

    hoping to AB this with the 64audio U18 to see which of them sound more natural to me then decide.
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