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Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

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  1. AC-12
    ^^ I'll look into the No. 5 on your website.

    It looks like a good fit with the UE 18+. I didn't take into account how much it would change the sound signature.

    Just thinking of getting one since I will be in the neighborhood of PWaudio. I don't want to create a Yahoo auctions account just for one order. So it's more when in Rome than out of need.

    Many thanks...
  2. flinkenick
    I haven't gotten round to writing a review of it yet, it is high on my list but I only have a few nights per week to write which go to the shootout. Basically, it is just a lightly warm sound, not overly thick or warm. But as a result it provides a very clean midrange, and an airy sound. Vocals are clear, but nicely balanced throughout the vocal range. Again not very thick, warm or forward, but just a nice balance. The treble is slightly attenuated but articulate, with a very modest touch of sparkle. But it contributes to its accurate timbre. It only costs $150, but it's become an easy cable to use on the go, as it pairs well with many iems both bright and warm. As for ordering, you can also order from one of their distributors like Music Sanctuary and pay via paypal.

    But if you happen to be in Hong Kong, you can try out a bunch of stuff if you have the time. I hear it's a Hi-Fi Mecca, with many shops in close proximity.
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  3. andra555
    yeah that is quite weird move for ultimate ears in my opinion as company based in US i thought they will expand the market around the US first, the universal version of 18+ has been available here (in japan) since last year if remember correctly. it is available in e-earphone and i had my brief listening session there


    (the picture shows a CIEM but its actually universal)
    too bad e-earphone don't ship internationally though
  4. AC-12
  5. AC-12
    No worries, I trust your initial impressions. It will save me from going into Summit-Fi territory with the 1960s. Something I'm trying hard to do. Please don't escalate as your getting close to the finish line in the shootout. The shootout and the website are a amazing bundle of information. It's like the Amazon reviews of CIEMs and accessories. It's Head-Fi museum material. Put in a vault and read decades from now.

    That signature suits, esp the timbre. Don't want the sound to change too much, stay as neutral and true to the UE 18+ as possible. My focus is practicality, comfort and on the go so this is a bonus with the No. 5. Main reason for aftermarket cable is I'm ordering the 18+ with the iOS cable. I'm afraid it maybe a bottleneck, but need the iOS cable for practicality reasons. Other reasons are HK trip and your website review of PWaudio products.

    Thanks for the preliminary summary review. It's difficult to find information on the UE 18+ and even more UE18+ cable rolling. I'll pay a visit to PWaudio. Just hope I don't fall for any Summit-Fi cables during the demo. But for sure picking up a No. 5.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2017
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  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    Congrats! It's going to look very nice! :right_facing_fist: (Imagine a brown-skinned fistbump)
  7. SoundBytes
    lol... thanks man. I think they have those brown skinned fists you could have used just not in our tool box lol...:right_facing_fist:
  8. moedawg140 Contributor
    It's all good. Not sure what you mean by "...just not in our tool box...". As for the brown skinned fists (and other "human" darker-skinned-based emoticons), Head-Fi, currently, offers zero.

    With regards to the Pro 18+ -- it's a nice CIEM - sounds even better to my ears when it's paired with the "Ultimate Series" gold-plated copper and silver cable that should be available to customers soon!
  9. SoundBytes
    My UE 18+ Pros have shipped!
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  10. SoundBytes
    I meant the tool box for the emoticons lol... Regarding the cable... Double Helix all the way... Symbiote Elite 19
  11. moedawg140 Contributor
    Head-Fi's "tool box for emoticons" currently offers zero darker-skinned/brown skinned emoticons.

    The UE 18+ -- is one interesting IEM, especially when comparing to other UE IEMs. The complete other side of the spectrum would be a discontinued UE IEM that I was able to get a hold of (thanks so much to the gentleman that made my month!) ... the Super.Fi 5 EB (Extended Bass). Oh my.

    Glorious, glorious...bass.


    Here's another angle of the 18+
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2017
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  12. AC-12
    Thanks everybody for their input on the UERR and UE Pro 18+. Shout out to Moedawg for all the PM assistance.

    I'm out of that bling phase for CIEM, so just wanted something stealth that blends with the skin. Sort of like hearing aids I guess.

    UE Pro 18+ MMCX iOS cable. Silver-Fi R4 or PWAudio 4-wire may match well one day but wallet took critical damage hit with committing to the Hugo₂ soon.

    F U Moedawg and Flinkenick for present and upcoming damages. J/K. Selling items since April so will end up breaking even minus custom cable. Cheers!

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  13. flinkenick
    Well F U too man :D Congrats on Hugo 2, excellent choice!
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  14. moedawg140 Contributor
    Haha -- Congrats!

    Just got mine back - many thanks to UE for shipping the 18+ to my hotel in London, so I could listen to the 18+ on my way back to the states. I had the UEPRR with me as well, but I used the soon-to-be-released "Ultimate" cable (affectionately called gold plated copper and silver) I was using with the UEPRR with the 18+ with thoroughly clean sounding results.

    UE 18+ with stock cable


    With "Ultimate" cable attached


    Blissful listening on the flight from London to Chicago, then from Chicago to SoCal the next day due to a delayed flight (at least the pizza in Chicago was very tasty!)

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  15. AC-12

    Nice pics of you departing London at the airport.

    I maybe traveling soon. How does the TSA handle CIEM's and Chord Hugo's nowadays?
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