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Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

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  1. moedawg140 Contributor
    Thanks! The Hugo should be fine - if the authorities question, just say it powers headphones. If you bring a CIEM, you'll be okay, especially if you keep it on you and place it so it is visible on the security conveyor belt. Now, with other items that I bring (like IEMs, DAC/Amps, headphones, etc.), they fully search me, search all of my bags, each time, no matter where I am, no matter what. Global Entry has been good, but doesn't play a significant factor, if at all, when you are traveling internationally.

    Any more questions with regards to customs, treatment and the sort, feel free to PM me. :slight_smile:
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
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  2. goodvibes
    I've always appreciated that UE custom cables were 4 wire all the way to the plug when other companies were 3 wire form the splitter. Little things can make a difference. 18+ response curve looks really nice and the new drivers should produce a very transparent yet friendly sig.
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  3. moedawg140 Contributor
    The 18+ sounds very good - one of my favorite customs I own. Try to listen to one if you can. Based on your personal preferences, you may like another model of theirs at the same enjoyment or possibly even more via kiosk where you can try out their models with only one of their demo universals in your ears.
  4. Wyville
    Is there any indication yet of when the universal (ToGo) version will become available? The 18+ is currently ranked among my top 3 "can't afford yet, but will keep an eye on as possible end-game IEMs", but I can't use CIEMs so it would have to be the ToGo version.
  5. ejong7
    Pretty sure it's available, you just have to ask for it, and they'll be happy to make you one. :)
  6. Wyville
    From what I heard they are available, but only in Asia and not yet here in the West. Perhaps upon special request they are.
  7. Snek
    Has anyone tried the 4N silver cable or the gold braid cable from UE with the 18+? Is it worth the 300 bucks?
  8. moedawg140 Contributor
    Welcome to Head-Fi!

    I was able to use both of the cables before they were available to the public to give the team my thoughts, and I really enjoy them. My favorite is the gold plated silver and copper cable. Since there are other brands that do not use as good components for the same price or possibly a *lot* more, I would say the price is most definitely worth it.

    Here is the original cable post, located in the UEPRR thread, here:
  9. Snek
    Thanks! I've actually been lurking on Head-Fi since around 2011 but never got around to making an account lol.

    How would you describe the sound of both the cables?
  10. moedawg140 Contributor
    Paired with the UEPRR and UE 18+ Pro, connected to the QP1R:

    4N Silver = Bulid of the cable is much thicker than the Gold Braid (GPCS). Soft and supple. Smoother in sound, relaxed. More gentle and delicate in overall sound signature compared to the Gold Braid (GPCS).

    Gold Braid (GPCS) = Much thinner compared to the 4N Silver. Dynamic, detailed, crisp and vibrant. Brighter, tighter, and more pinpoint than that of the 4N Silver.

    Your mileage may/will vary based on many factors. I've outlined some of those determining factors in my reviews, which are chronicled in my profile, if interested.
  11. Zomgnoob
    Just received my pair of UE18+ today! So happy to finally join the big guns club! Awaiting my mojos to come along and i'll be done!
    On second thoughts... Looking at the above chat about cables....
    ... This is going to be endless...!
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  12. Wyville
    Still waiting for the demo units of the UE18+ Pro to arrive with my audiologist. Can't wait to hear them!
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  13. malvinviriya
    Well, I finally ordered mine. It should come around next month or so. After demoing them, honestly I really like how it sounds. Might not be the best financial decision of my life, but what the heck :p

    @Wyville , I think you'll enjoy them a lot!

    And, uh... Hi everyone. Long time lurker here, but got seriously pulled in to this game quite recently :p
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  14. malvinviriya
    After about 3.5 weeks of wait, it's finally here! I gotta say I'm impressed by the amount of detail in it, and I honestly agree with all of @flinkenick 's views on these. There is some sort of a midtreble dip that is noticable on some songs too, but aside from that it sounds pretty darn awesome. Vocals are clean and energetic, drum hits are exceptional, and I find that hi-hats sounds absolutely amazing on these babies

    Now, I feel that I'm a person who's not so sensitive towards the midtreble peaks (I find HD800 to sound just alright even without the SDR mod, if that means something). Can anyone recommend a cable around $200 (Not exceeding $300 if possible) in order to regain the midtreble peak?

    Also, last question. How do you detach the UE cables? They seem very tight, and I'm scared of breaking the shell
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  15. Lucif6r6th
    For cables, either pw audio no.5 or effect audio eos. I find effect audio aresII a little too airy, but if that's your thing, go ahead~ :smile_phones:
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