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TURNTABLE SETUP Questions thread - don't start a new thread, ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE!

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by skylab, Jun 5, 2012.
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  1. bagwell359
    Usually manufacturers make a big deal if the VTA is adjustable. The best option is to have one you can adjust during play (rare). 20 degrees isn't the only cutter head angle. Some are 15, some are 17, some are in the range of 15-20. Your cantilever might also be off, so what works with one LP may not work with the replacement cartridge.

    After getting everything level, and lube, belt (if any of the former two) set, and the cartridge in the arm set-up with a protractor, you are set to fly. First thing is get the TT off any floor stand, get the dustcover off during play. Instead mount on the wall, or in a closet, and tough the disk, because in 98% of the cases the dustcover is attached in a flimsy way and it'll add to the vibrations. Analog is an art that is imperfectable - but can be very enjoyable, have fun.
  2. bagwell359
    Unless it's billed as a high output MC, or you have a very high gain pre-amp, could well need a step up.

    Some transformers are out there to do the job, but usually its discrete non-tubes.

    My set-up about 20 years was a Shelter 501 and Koetsu Rosewood with a Pass Ono and a Pass P

    Lots of help on line for these questions.
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  3. Jimmy Ohnm
  4. Jimmy Ohnm
    Be careful. The Denon DL-103R only outputs .25mV not 2.5 as you quoted. Major difference.
    The 103R is quite low in the output department but a great sounding cartridge for around $400 CAN.
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  5. grokit
    As I said it's 2.5 with the step-up transformer (Denon AU-300LC), which increases the gain 10x.
    It's still not enough for my phono amp's (PS Audio GCPH) power curve, so I'm sticking with the regular DL-103 and everything is perfect.
  6. Ult1mat3X
    Morning all,
    I need a little advice regarding turntables, at the moment I have a reasonable system consisting of mainly Technics equipment bought off eBay, CD, tuner, nice Denon amp, and a Pioneer PL-990 auto turntable, all bought on a budget and now I have a bit more cash I'm looking at upgrading the turntable.

    I must admit to being hooked on the 'bay', so much choice, new or secondhand, so much choice in the fact that I have got rather confused.
    I have looked at Technics, Rega, Pioneer, Project, and I read all the reviews on the different markets. I have come up with a short list consisting of Pioneer PL-12D, Rega RP1 or Rega planar models, Project carbon, I have a budget of about £400.
    I like the look of the Pioneer PL-12D but is it reliable and repairable if it goes wrong, same goes for the Rega Planar, are they reliable? Is it better to perhaps get a new Rega RP1 and upgrade it at a later date,(is there a source where I could learn more about upgrading turntables?)

    I really have dug a hole for myself as I'm now wondering whether to take a chance with second hand or go new with a guarantee, could do with some opinions, what would you do? ??
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  7. KT66
    I'd look for a used P3, much better tone arm
  8. ostewart
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  9. dosley01
    IMHO this is a much needed upgrade for the Pro-Ject and Music Hall tables using this sub platter and bearing. I had a problem getting a truly level sub platter, even as replacement parts from the manufacture. And the bearings were never exactly quiet. This is great!!!!!
  10. ostewart
    Now I just need the acry it platter for the top, and possibly a blue stylus.
  11. 12lior12
    hello i am new to vinyl but lately i find it intriguing i would like to purchase a turntable and a phono pre to use with my currunt set up for audioengine a5+ what would you recomand? should i go with a realy simple phono and a good turntable and upgrade? should i buy it used? which companies offer the best quality?
  12. ostewart
  13. spookygonk
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