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TURNTABLE SETUP Questions thread - don't start a new thread, ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE!

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by skylab, Jun 5, 2012.
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  1. penmarker
    For an even cheaper option, you can get the TCC TC-750 phono pre. It has no opamps and uses transistors. You can swap out the supplied walwart with better PSU units and they'll sound better. Some mods are discussed around the internet but the moderators here are too salty that I can't link them.
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  2. iamxLn
    Get a tc750 until you go for a really nice one.
  3. DJtheAudiophile
    Hello, I’m looking into getting my first turntable. After reading articles and watching YouTube videos I came down to the budget friendly Pro-Ject Primary USB and the Teac TN-400S. Has anyone ever purchased or heard both? Would you recommend it? I would beusing it’s USB function to record to my Mac. Thanks!
  4. samtheman
    Hello everyone.

    I have recently got back into Vinyl after a break of over 20 years. Initially I was disappointed with the sound but after realizing I needed a decent turntable and Phono-amp to get good sound, I am enjoying the experience immensely.

    I do however have a question about VTA setup on my Pro-Ject 2 Xperience Basic+ turntable using a Mani phono amp:

    Can I adjust the VTA of the tonearm or do I need to 'shim' the cartridge and if so how do I do it?
    The manual makes no reference to VTA at all and I cant find anything online.

    I know the turntable is not that common but it does share it's tonearm with the Project Essential model (HFC 347), so maybe someone has experience of adjusting VTA on that?

    Also does the VTA need adjusting anyway? I have attached a picture that is my 'attempt' to ascertain this.

    To my eyes it looks a perfect 20 degrees but I cant shake the feeling that the sound is lacking slightly in the treble frequencies.

    I would really appreciate any help.

    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
  5. airil
    Hi all,
    It's time for a cartridge upgrade of my AT1240LP.

    I'm currently having the AT95E on the player, if I want an upgrade, what is the best cartridge, without bottleneck on other hardwares?

    I'm not doing any serious scratching, just for listening.

  6. analogsurviver
    It depends what improvement in sound you are after and how much do you want to spend - and that depends on where you live.

    The easiest way is to get a replacement stylus for your existing AT95.


    https://theaudiofiles.co.uk/95p-paratrace-stylus-for-at95e-cartridge/ You can get ATN95P also on ebay, directly from the manufcturer, the non plus ultra in retippers, the Expert Stylus from Great Britain. You can listen to needledrops of your stock ATN95E vs LP Gear's ATN95SA here :

    I DID CHECK that your TT has a tonearm height adjustment ( range 0-6 mm ) - or else I would NEVER recommend using these advanced line type stylus tip profiles.

    If you are staying with the AT - please do check that you do not have ANY unncessary capacitance in your phono preamp input - anything reasonablyachievable is still too much. Likewise, all AT MMs are normally much happier working into a different resistance than standard 47kohms - the most common being around 33kohms. Both measures should appreciably cut on the notion ATs are "famous" for in case of high capacitance ( anything above 250 pF total ) and standard 47kohms resistance - bright and thin. Please note that this characteristic can INCREASE with a better stylus - like both of the two mentioned above - if used into less than at least acceptable electrical loading.

    If you want a MC cartridge and have a MC input capability, you can go to AT OC9 ML II - or even better - AT 33 PTG II cartridges. You can get a glimpse of overview here

    Denon 103 - from basic to factory and aftermarket modifications - is also an option. However, being unfamiliar with the quality of the arm on your tt, the arm may be too light or not capable of balancing out the required ( cartridge + headshell ) mass.
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  7. airil
    Thank u very much for the lengthy reply. I went to a local shop, the shopper suggested M92, but I found the sounds a bit flat. Was thinking M97, but for now, I will try that stylus change on my AT first.

  8. JoshK
    I am attempting to setup my TT after years of it laying idle, actually more than a decade. Thing is, my TT isn't one an off the shelf plug and play type. My TT is a custom Teres Audio (not even a particular model, but most similar to the Teres 200 series such as the 265).

    The thing I am struggling the most with is the height from the top of the armboard to the top of the platter. Is there any standards? Are their arms that have different heights? My platter sits 2 7/8" from the plinth, while my armboard is 1.5" from the plinth (both measured at top). Thus there is a 1 3/8" differential. For my Rega 300, I have to shim the hell out of it and even still I am not sure when cart is mounted it will clear.

    Can anyone point me to any guides that explain this portion of the setup. I found a lot of other info not related on setup already.
  9. Skylab Contributor
    It’s not the armboard that matters, it’s the arm itself. The arm should be parallel to the LP, although even there, it’s ultimately the VTA of the cartridge that matters. I assume the arm has a VTA adjustment that doesn’t involve raising/lowering the armboard?
  10. JoshK
    I asked this same question in a completely different forum I frequent and so far the general concensus is that the Rega arm offers very little variation in platter thickness, so it may not be easy to use with this table. My Table is for all purposes a Teres 260. This platter is massively thick, but the armboard is as well, still the rega's arm (no cart) doesn't clear the plinth without a massive amount of shims. I wanted to know what the standard height of the platter versus the armboard was, as it would make this part of the setup a lot easier to figure out.
  11. JoshK
    20181111_174526.jpg here is a picture, so it is clearer what I am asking.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  12. penmarker
    Thanks for the picture, although blurry we got a better look at your situation.

    If it were me I would set up the table first, install a cartridge, and and then try cueing the arm on a record first to see how the VTA looks. As long as you're gentle it will be fine. Just don't play anything yet.
    Then take a picture at the same level so maybe we can see if the arm is too high or too low or maybe just right.
    Be mindful of the tracking force too, that'll change the angle slightly as well if its too light or too heavy.
  13. ostewart
    So I'm currently running a Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC with the stock Ortofon 2M Red cart, I have been enjoying this setup for a while but placement in my current flat is pretty poor (I have moved the table forward since the photo was taken). The main problem is I am renting, and the floor is suspended wood so walking around tends to feedback through the speakers. Space is severely limited and I don't really have anywhere else to put my turntable unfortunately, as ideally it wouldn't be as close to the speakers. I have thought about moving the speakers together a little giving another inch or so between them and the turntable.

    I'm going to be trying out the Bo!ng feet from The Funk Firm soon to see if they can help with footfall vibrations, but other than that I love the sound feeding in to the Keces E40 (using the internal phono pre-amp), then out of my B&W 606 speakers.

    At some point I think it would be going up a step with regards to the turntable, would the Rega Planar 3 be the most logical step up? Maybe paired with the Audio-Technica AT-VM95ML cart?

  14. jnorris
    I don't know how invested you are in that cabinet, but perhaps a longer, heavier one would give you the room to have both the TV and the turntable on the top shelf, while providing a more stable mounting. Another thought would be to mount the TV on the wall and move the turntable to the cabinet. As for the turntable, I don't think there's anything wrong with the Pro-Ject, so perhaps you could use the money to buy a better cartridge than the AT95.
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  15. Skylab Contributor
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