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  1. Sam L
    Agreed, the original deltas are awesome. Everything released after that hasn't really impressed me much, though the Icarus III comes closest. What I appreciate most about the Deltas are the comfortable fit and the mic.
  2. voxie
    So true, the very fact that Bob actively engaged with the threads will be sorely missed, couple that with his enthusiasm.
  3. PxOR
    me too. more than one week still no response for my cancellation request.

    I can understand it though. Probably picking up the pieces left from the old team.
  4. the Ortherion
    What cables exactly comes with the icarus? I kinda wanted one with mic input.
  5. HungryPanda
    no mic, just SE 3.5 & balanced 3.5
  6. Yasuo
    I think it's time backers seek legal measures against TA.
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  7. IamMe90
    I dunno, I'm pretty much loving the crap out of my Icarus still. :D
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  8. HungryPanda
    They are pretty awesome
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  9. poro1
    +1 for the awesomeness of Icarus iii. I should be sleeping, but can not let go.. I use PM4 for intimate jazz, but I think Icarus is made for rock. Drums, guitar walls and bass.. Oh dear.
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  10. Sam L
    Yep, the Icarus 3 definitely rox. Delta = Lagunitas IPA. Icarus 3 = Pliny the Elder.
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  11. IamMe90
    and here I thought they were made for booming hip hop... maybe they're just made for everything :beerchug:
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  12. Midgetguy
    Sure seems like it is. Once you finally get one delivered and in your hands, then the Icarus III can finally deliver that sweet sweet music :ksc75smile:
  13. hernandoco
    Not sure how how successful this would be. Anybody who backed the Kickstarter or Indegogo are not guaranteed their money back and apparently that's how these websites work. If you bought directly from TA website, most people here who asked for refund has received their refund. Legal action wouldn't accomplish anything. If anything, it would waste both parties' time.
  14. Midgetguy
    Correct. Backing on KS or IGG is basically a forfeiture of your right to take legal action due to how the ToS is designed for those sites, and logically so. They are platforms for crowdfunding projects designed and created by small parties and budding entrepreneurs. As such, it makes sense that there are no guarantees, though I believe legal action can have merit in some VERY extreme cases (this Trinity Audio situation doesn't get close to that). These platforms are designed for people to create and design as the primary goal; consumers who frequent the site are expected to fully understand the potentially sizable risks of backing smaller entities, though one certainly must acknowledge that Trinity Audio is one of the larger "small entities" to use such a platform type.

    Like you said, most people that ordered through the site have received refunds either through persistence in emailing or, if that failed, by way of PayPal/credit card claim. I think there are still a select few who have been continuing to hound them to no avail. I wish those people good luck.
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  15. poro1
    I think they are excellent on every genre I have tried, but I think it shines with everything that should make you tapping your toe (that is what we old people do when we get excited).. I guess hip-hop falls into this category.:L3000:Really allows you to appreciate for example how well bass and drums are playing together. I suppose they are really musical in a sense that they don't make me concentrate on details, but on how well the band is playing together. Really enjoyable piece of equipment.. Hard to believe that I paid 90 euros for it.. The whole set looks and sounds far more expensive. I love it so far.
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