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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. CraftyClown

    Which is expensive? The silver widow cable or my 1plus2s?
  2. sonickarma
    Looked like a good deal to me considering 1P2 was $1200 plus when released
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I've stumbled across some crazy ass synergy with my original 1Plus2 and a Shanling M3 player. I picked the player up for my Ref.1 because they didn't have a DAP. I really wasn't expecting much from the Shanling unit and got it for casual listening at night. Didn't like the synergy much with Ref.1 but the old 1Plus2 sings its socks off with it. Excellent note weight and stage depth, goes way deep.
  4. Gosod
    on the secondary they will be cheaper cost.
  5. ThaPapper
    Good evening all,
    This post is about a rather sad story in which i please could use some help....
    About a year ago I purchased a set Tralucent 1plus2 from a fellow head fi-er, or at least that was what he claimed.
    Unfortunately one earpiece meanwhile has stopped functioning so it needs to be repaired.
    Tralucent was contacted to ask for their help but unfortunately the reply stated that these were not manufactured by them.
    Basically I'm left with a €900 worth useless set now.....
    I've contacted the seller about 5 times now, both through Head Fi and on personal mail but no response what so ever.
    To make my point clear, I'm not interested in settling, discussions, etc.
    I'm only interested in having them repaired so they can be used again (they actually sounded great)
    Now for the big question, I'll post some pictures and would be very gratefull if someone could provide a tip or
    maybe even the manufacturer so I can send them over for repair.
    Thanks in advance!
  6. CraftyClown
    Hi ThaPapper,
    I actually replied on the other thread. Who was the seller? We may be able to work out where he got them from and have a chance of getting them fixed for you
  7. ThaPapper
    PM sent
  8. CraftyClown
    If that's not you posting in the Ref1 thread, then there is indeed something very fishy going on as they are exactly the same IEMs. They even have the same serial number!
    Nothing fishy, it was the guy that ThaPapper sold these to who is also asking in the other thread.
  9. CraftyClown
    Can you chime in on this one mate? Have you ever seen fake 1plus2s? Apparently Gav says it's not one of his serial numbers 
  10. taiyo

    Original 1+2, it only printed the serial number. The model number 1+2, or 1plus2 not printed on the earphone.

    The model number printed on the earphone is start on ref.1
  11. CraftyClown
    So it does look like they are fakes then. Sad that they have ended up being circulated on Head-Fi.
    ThaPapper has tried contacting the member who sold them to him, but sadly he is not responding despite still logging in to Head-fi.
    I think this may be an issue that the site mods need to look into. The member who sold these needs to at the very least explain where he got these from.
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    They're fake, was confirmed by Tralucent. The owner must contact their original seller for repair.
  13. warrior1975
    Wow, fake Tralucent out there? Darn that's messed up. Hopefully you guys get it sorted. I purchased mine from a gentleman named Gavin, I hope mine are legit.

    In all seriousness, that's so messed up.
  14. flymetothemoon

    Likely you've bought these fake ones from the Chinese market...
  15. warrior1975
    How do the fugazes sound compared to the legit?
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