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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Kerouac
    They surely look the same in the pics. Quite a gap between $400 and the paid $900 though [​IMG]
    If the ''fake one'' can get repaired anyhow (I guess the DD blew up on one side) and you have an original at the same time, only than it's possible to do a proper A-B test.
    @ThaPapper: if you're ever in the neigbourhood of Leeuwarden and yours is repaired. Feel free to contact me and come by (I have the original) for an A-B test.
  2. ThaPapper
    First of all, thanks everybody.
    Never would have thought the problem could be located within just a few hours....
    Your fast responses feel like a warm help, thx again!

    Thank you Taiyo for pointing out this fast that they are fake, never had such a puzzle piece solved within a few minutes before :)

    Thanks for your help so far CraftyClown and certainly hope the mods can give a hand.
    I'm rather hesitating to publish my sellers name because I'm not sure it that is allowed on this forum.
    Should I warn other peoples (and maybe force a solution for me) and risk being banned or keep it private, I'm not sure....
    Thanks for your clear message H2OFidelity, no more doubts now.
    So basically I've been ripped off since I bought them from a fellow Head Fi-er who pretended they are Tralucent's.
    I had already sold them to someone else when the earpiece stopped working but since I am his seller,
    I feel responsible for fixing this problem or take them back and restitute his money.
    My problem on the other hand is that my seller doesn't respond so far, leaving me with a broken pair of false Tralucents.
    Again, I'm not really interested in discussions or arguments (although it's starting to get tempting....).
    I want to know where to send them to have them repaired by the original producer.
    Best thing though would be my seller takes them back and restitutes my money but probably that will be a fairy tale, right?.....
    Thank you flytothemoon for pointing out where fake ones can be aquired, didn't know that before.
    Unfortunately I can't read oriental languages but I can see that my seller easily doubled his money over my back.
    Still not sure if this website is the original producer of the IEM.
    Although they now appear to be fake, they still sounded great, being the reason I would like them to be repaired by the original manufacturer.
  3. ThaPapper
    Thanks Kerouac, will keep this in mind and if they ever get repaired, I'll ask my buyer if he's interested.
    For certain I am interested for they sounded just like written in all reviews, that's why I never doubted them.
    Btw If you'll ever be in the neighbourhood of Boskoop, feel free to contact me if you're interested in listening to
    the Tralucent Ref.1 (on a Tera Player).
    If at least the Ref.1 is the real thing with what I've learned the last 24 hours, pfff....... [​IMG]
  4. CraftyClown
    Bear in mind the seller may also be oblivious to the fact they are replicas, although the fact he is not replying to any of your attempts to contact him, despite the fact he has been visiting the site does seem to indicate his compliance.
    I'm sorry you've found yourself in this situation Christiaan. I think the next step is to pass on all of the information you have to a site mod and see if they can help you to get in contact with the seller.
    In the meantime, is there anyone here who might be able to bridge the language gap and help Christiaan get in contact with the Tralucent look alike manufacturers, to see if these can be repaired?
    As a very last resort it may be worth speaking to some of the guys on the DIY IEMs forum to see if they might be able to help with a repair?
    Good luck mate
  5. Gosod
    how to distinguish a copy from the original?
  6. Kerouac
    For starters (as mentioned on the previous page by taiyo) the legit (original) one only has the serial # (L/R) on the shell.
    350x700px-LL-7c6c1340_IMG_0240.jpg vs 1P2-2.jpg
    I must admit that I was also quite surprised/shocked to find out about these fakes [​IMG] 
  7. ThaPapper
    Thank you CraftyClown, I've sent my third message to the Head Fi folks but they probably get a lot of mail as I can imagine with such a big site and nr of users.
    As for Tralucent look alike manufacturers, that won't be nescessary any more.
    It took my buyer too long (about 3 weeks of trying to get in touch with my seller) so he had the faulty earpiece opened up today by a specialist (picture below).
    So this brings it to another stage as i don't need my seller anymore to get hold of the original manufacturer.
    A refund of the doubled price would be nice, as well (or even more) as some apologizes but I'm not expecting anything anymore.....
    I'll sleep another night upon the decision to simply post his name in order to warn other fellow head fi-ers.
    Still don't know if that is allowed though and being banned would mean no more contact to an awfull lot of nice peoples.....
    Thank everybody for your help so far and if you want to know more about the inside of a fake tralucent, here is your chance.....
  8. Kiats
    Chaps, I think the prudent thing to do may be to check with Gavin if you are offered a pair. Sad but true.
  9. warrior1975
    Well if the seller is ignoring you I'd suggest posting his name up, others should be aware. If he responded it would be easier to think he may not have known.
  10. ThaPapper

    I've sent him a PM again.
    Asked him to read the posts up above about this matter and asking again to give me a reaction to get things sorted out.
    Otherwise I'll have to publish his name to warn others.
    warrior1975 likes this.
  11. warrior1975
    That's really terrible bro. I really hope you get it sorted. I despise thieves.
  12. AnakChan Moderator
    I'm a mod, PM me the name pls. cc Currawong; AxelCloris & Brooko
  13. Brooko Contributor
    [Mod Comment]
    Gentlemen - the Mods/Admins are investigating the claims, and we're endeavouring to get both sides of the story here.
    I have deleted nehcrow's post, and people commenting on it - because it tells one view of what happened - and we have already been reported (from another source) - an entirely different version. Until we ascertain what really happened, can we please refrain from any further comments on the matter - and especially the "trial by public" approach when not all the facts are clear yet.
    PS - this means no further discussion on ThaPapper's issues.  Although he is the victim here - we first need to find where the issue started, and then we can find a remedy.
    proedros likes this.
  14. Gosod
    thank you, now it will be easier to learn. ai.gif
    I will save these photos.
    what are you hearing about black Friday? there will be discounts?
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Got my 1Plus2.2 in party mode tonight, Spiral Dot tips, DX90 dual Sabre DACs and Carly Rae Jepsen. It's such an engaging hybrid, the detail is off the charts when you work it. With the DX90 it loses some refinement at higher volumes but you're so immersed in detail you don't care.. Its an animal of a hybrid! AnakChan's and my best kept secret IEM. (we seem the only members who have one) . Oh, and Kiats.
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