TOUR CLOSED - DITA Audio - Dream US Demo CIEM Tour (Limited Review Tour, Starting July 2017)

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  1. Barra
    Ted told me that he had started the burn in process himself and sent it with roughly 200 hours on it. From that, I assume that it is a new unit as it did look brand new when it arrived. I don't have a 1000 hour unit to compare it to get a full understanding of what more burn in would bring, but as the first to hear it, it was obviously performing at TOTL levels of SQ and was driven well by the Hugo2.
  2. ExpiredLabel
    Package received. Impressed so far, though curious if the sound would/could be expected to change further based on owner testimony. Time to shut myself away for awhile, afk.
  3. ExpiredLabel
    Currently awaiting a response from @nmatheis. Will reach out and send to the next person in line if I don't hear back from him by tomorrow.
  4. ExpiredLabel
    Contaced @Shure or bust as soon as I get info will send off.

    Due to extenuating circumstances on my and @nmatheis part he will be skipped for the time being.
  5. EagleWings
    Hey guys. Any update on where the units are right now?
  6. Barra
    Yes guys, please post receipt/condition and shipping here on the thread along with your impressions and links to your reviews or it is hard to track progress. This thread has been very quiet lately.
  7. Shmuel
    Way too quiet.

    I'm looking forward to trying the tour pair and would love to see some early thoughts here by those on the tour.
  8. Barra
    Impressions from Memory
    Hey guys, I know I had promised some good impressions earlier, but my listening notes were lost in a computer rebuild and I was hoping to get a second chance to hear them with more burn in to compare so I will be redoing when they come back full circle - yes, the old "the dog ate them" excuse. :triportsad:

    However, I can tell you this in the meantime - the Dream sounded stellar through my AK, WM1A, and my Calyx, but even better through the tour Hugo2. Even though I was the first to hear them before much burn in, they were definitely TOTL in SQ. Plus, they sounded great while looking great - high quality build with a nice heft. The cables looked great as well, although, I am not getting a large night and day SQ difference between the two supplied DITA cables with the Dream. My concern with burn in was that I had to really push to get a great sound stage which could just be my ears refusal to work well with universal fit IEMs. However, with the right press on each ear, the details came forward and the instruments sounded bigger.

    So the big question - how can a single dynamic driver sound TOTL compared to much more complex implementations such as my A18s. In one word - coherency. The single driver setup was the most coherent sound stage I have heard. It made what I felt to be perfect before feel a little smeared. The instruments all seems to be coherent to each other as well all being consistently size compared to the others on stage. The signature is natural without any significant boosts in any areas. So while the bass was dynamic good, it was a natural boost/resonance rather than emphasized.

    Well done DITA!
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  9. Shmuel
    Thanks for the impression -- cant wait to give them a try.
  10. PinkyPowers
    My guess is, Harvey and Irma wiped out half the tour members.
  11. musiclvr
    I can't wait to hear how transparent the Dream is. My Andromeda's were very telling of its source chain which I appreciated. This lended to quite the listening experience but my DITA Truths did have that DD liquidity so I can't wait to hear how the Dream ups the ante!
  12. EagleWings
    @Shure or bust , could you please let us know any updates on the tour kit? I am trying to plan some trips in the coming weeks and it would help to get an estimate on when I would be receiving the IEM, so that I could plan my trips around that. Thanks.
  13. San Man
  14. SilverEars
    Barra, I would love to participate in the tour as I've been quite interested these, I live in Boston, MA. I agree to the terms. Thanks!
  15. Barra
    Tour Update
    Looks like our tour may be in trouble. @ExpiredLabel shipped out the tour kit to @Shure or bust at the end of August who has since disappeared from the forums and is no longer responding to PMs. As a 500+ post headfier, he should have some friends on the forums that know him and can contact him. Does anyone have any ideas on how to contact him? It has been a month and a half since he received the kit.
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