TOUR CLOSED - DITA Audio - Dream US Demo CIEM Tour (Limited Review Tour, Starting July 2017)

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  1. Shmuel
    Very disappointing.

    Hope he is okay.
  2. gearofwar
    hmm did he actually join any local meet? if so can someone ask admin to put this info on top of the page so someone can provide additional info? if not we have to reveal his full name and address to the authority
  3. musiclvr
    I hope that he is okay; if so then getting the authorities involved is definitely a suitable approach.

    It is so frustrating when things like this happen as it will make it harder for tours like this to continue to exist. I've been lucky enough to be in about 3 past tours with some expensive gear. It was a great experience. I truly hope this comes to an appropriate resolve.
  4. Barra
    Continuing Update:
    I am talking to Dita now to determine the best next steps. At this point, it has been too long that I have not received a response so I am assuming that the tour kit is lost for an indefinite period of time that can end our tour. This would be the first tour kit that has been lost in any of my tours so it is very disappointing. If any of you can assist in any way in contacting - @Shure or bust - it would be greatly appreciated. As far as I can tell, he/she dropped off HeadFi around the receipt date of the kit and has not participated since. He/she has been active in some sales through HeadFi, but I have not been able to find any HeadFiers that have local or sales experience with him/her from which we can extract contact info. I am at a loss to other ways to contact them.

    The next steps are up to DITA, but if we are to continue this limited tour with an additional kit, it will probably require contact info from everyone up front rather than the on your honor system we have been using to date. I will let you know as soon as we have determined a plan.
  5. PinkyPowers
    I'm sorry this happened to your tour, Barra. We all know you run a solid game, and did your best to assure the participants were legit. Sometimes "stuff" happens. I want you to know, your reputation has suffered no blemish in my eyes. You still The Man!
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  6. Barra
    THX :smile_phones:
  7. gearofwar
    Whoever was shipping the package to this person, which shipping service did you use? did you put any signature confirmation on it? You can give shipping company a call to obtain the signature first then you should just call the police department in his area and give this information asking for their investigation.
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  8. Barra
    All we have is a name as it went to a PO box with no phone number.
  9. gearofwar
    sound easily like a scam to begin with. Not even a signature on the package? insurance?
    I think 600 posts is nothing on this forum, someone can just abandon that account easily
    Also looking at this person's account, he literally has no trading feedback which is a scary thing to ignore.
    I'm sorry to say this but i can see it will bound to happen sometimes, i think each of us who participate in these expensive tour needs to have decent trading feedback history. With zero feedback, i would definitely hesitate to deal with that person not even thinking about sending "Free" expensive stuff to him.
  10. Shmuel
    I am going to remain hopeful that Dita will agree to our restarting the tour as I remain very interested in these iem's.

    Barra, thanks for all you are doing!
  11. Barra
    Those are all good points, but many of the new members ended up buying something from the tours where longer-term high post members didn't. Also, I am one of those that has almost non-existent trader feedback and I am going on almost 2000 posts and 6 years. I also find that some of the low volume members have the most impressive collections and follow religiously, but don't have much to say. It is truly hard to judge. Luckily, with all the tours I have hosted, this has only happened once.
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  12. San Man
    Couple suggestions :

    1. Require a physical address for future tour participants, no PO boxes.

    2. Require a signature, no matter if it is shipped via usps or FedEx/ups

    3. Maybe it's time that a usps postal investigator gets involved with this matter and the alleged disappearance of shure or bust?
  13. deafdoorknob
    guess this is the ultimate endorsement of the dream being endgame worthy... lolsigh

    sorry to hear about what happened but po boxes are the ultimate red flag.
  14. Kunlun
    I'm sorry this happened and I'm completely cool with giving Barra all my contact info up front.

    Thanks again to Barra for all the great work you've done on all these tours.
  15. Barra
    Good News!
    Hey All, good news, DITA is stepping up for us and providing a second unit while we figure out what to do with our missing participant and tour kit. They will have a unit in soon and will begin the burn-in process to get it shipped out as soon as we get 200 hours of burn-in.

    That being said, for obvious reasons, I am upgrading security on this round. Sorry, but I cannot afford to have another issue like this or it could kill our tours.

    Can everyone please separately PM me your contact info so I have it on record including a picture of your driver's license that matches your address. This should include:
    • Drivers License or Equivalent: Please forward a picture of your license that matches your address
    • Employer: Name/Address/Phone
    • Home: Address/Phone
    This information is for emergency only and will be kept private. Thank you for understanding.

    Will keep you updated on the progress of getting our tour started again.
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