TOPPING NX1 Portable Headphone Amplifier Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by h20fidelity, Dec 26, 2013.
  1. Bansaku
  2. Bansaku
    Update: Look what was in my mailbox when I got home!

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  3. fredhubbard2
    Just ordered an NX1S too. Love my NX1 so couldn't resist getting one of these. Will probs pair it with my Colorfly C3 see if it benefits from the bass boost
  4. Sulbh
    How is C3 in terms of sound signature and power?Can you compare it to some other devices like sandisk sansa?Would you say it has same or more power and sound signature as sansa?
  5. fredhubbard2
    The C3 is a different beast to sansas. Not as conjested. Very airy but I do think it benefits from an amp. Only recently rediscovered mine after months using xDuoos and an AGPtek H1. Paired mine with an NX1 and my ty hiz iems. Used to think the C3 could sound a bit thin but this set up sounds pretty great
  6. Sulbh
    I just ordered nx1s from ebay
  7. Sulbh
    And how about the tonality of c3 compared to sansa?I love the tonality of sansa and would like to upgrade to dap with same tonality.
  8. Sulbh
    Any impressions?
  9. Bansaku
    Well, been a tad longer than I had planned to whip out a few NX1s impressions, but here they are.

    Heaps of power! On low gain the little guy has enough power to drive my HD 600 at moderate volume, which is more than I can say about my iPod Touch! High gain has enough power to drive my AKG 240 Monitors 600Ohm to deafening volume!

    Deadly silent! Maxed out volume at high gain and I hear nothing with my BA and DD IEMs!

    Very well constructed! Solid, sleek, and light! The volume pot is silky smooth albeit a touch stiff, which is good because it alleviates accidental brushes against that could cause one to crank the volume and damage one's ears or headphones.

    Battery life is as advertised. Actually, it seems to last a little longer, and it recharges relatively fast!

    Even after hours of use the unit remains very cool with absolutely no hint of heat!

    Bass boost is better than average; It sounds pretty clean and not thumpy.

  10. Sulbh
    Which source did you use?And would you say adding it improved the sound?
  11. Bansaku
    I mostly use my iPod Touch 6th gen. as the source, although for poops and laughs I swapped out my iCAN SE in my iFi stack but you will have to check out my review on the micro iTube2 when I post it Sunday or Monday for impressions on that as I don't want any spoilers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Adding it in did improve the sound; It was now loud enough to enjoy my power hungry headphones. In other words it amplified. Maybe, just a little bit more focus, perhaps a better grip on the low end... but if I can hear any audible changes it's very very subtle. The NX1s does not colour the sound in any way.
  12. Ynot1
    How is the bass response? I tried the original Nx1 and returned it at my cost because the bass was weak and rolled off. I took that to mean the bass was sacificed for battery life. On the other hand, there were some unique qualities that I could not pin point, other than the highs were pleasing with clarity.
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  13. Bansaku
    The FR is ruler flats far as my ears can tell. I purchased the NX1s mostly for use with my Q701 and K240 600 Ohm (while away from my desktop iFi stack) and if there was any bass roll-off it would be apparent with those headphones.

    I would just like to add, forget Massdrop and Amazon, I paid $40 CND from eBay with free shipping, and the unit arrived in less than 2 weeks!

  14. Ynot1
    Additionally I was told nx1 needed burn in to get rid of strange behaviors. I didn't believe it but walnut thread also suggested the same thing.
    Think nx1 extends the treble better and has better or slimmer profile, but the walnut has something that nx1 does not besides the hype.
    I don't know how to describe it well, but it sounds with genuine clarity that's done with ease.

    In the context of cars it's like M5 can match camaro zero to sixty, but you have much better chance to pull off the best times time and time again in the camaro because it is just pure unoptimized power.

    I could be talking none sense but higher power supply rails or higher rail voltage might be the reason for sounding more relaxed.

    But I still would like to find out if the nx1s bass is better than nx1.
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  15. fredhubbard2
    Well I got my NX1s today and its lovely. Much leaner than the NX1. Nice bass boost if you need it bags of power seems to sharpen the clarity of my sources. Great stuff for £28!

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