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TOPPING NX1 Portable Headphone Amplifier Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by h20fidelity, Dec 26, 2013.
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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I stumbled across this new portable amplifier by TOPPING on eBay a few days ago called NX1. 

    I was wondering if anyone's tried the amp or purchased one yet?
    It's stated to run for 100+ hours a charge and looks built pretty well.
    If anyone's heard one yet please tell us about it.

    Here's some photo's and specs from the listing.

    Edit: (We were purchasing from eBay member tool_nerd except he put his price up by $100!. Thanks to member ebrian who did some searching we're now ordering the amp for only $36 from Deal Xtreme)


    Can also be found on eBay for a little more: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Topping-NX1-Earphone-Headphone-Portable-Stero-MP3-Amplifier-3-5mm-Rechargeable-/271526210088?pt=AU_Electronics_Audio_Amplifiers&hash=item3f38392a28&_uhb=1

    USA buyers can find NX1 on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Topping-Portable-Earphone-Amplifier-Black/dp/B00HFMNR4M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406205812&sr=8-1&keywords=topping+nx1

                             Navigate to the bottom of this post for linked members impressions. 



    Some pictures for size comparison

    iPod Touch 4g: 


    Colourfly C3:




    Members Impressions: 

    Baycode: Link (Click Here)

    DJScope: Link (Click Here)

    Polyrythm: Link (Click Here)

    Xtraglactic Part 1: Link (Click Here)

    Xtraglactic Part2: Link (Click Here)

    Skamp's NX1 measurements: Link (Click Here)

    D marc0: Link (Click Here)

    FlnixNOver: Link (Click Here)

    hay2014: Link (Click Here)

    yacobx: Link (Click here)

    svyr: Link (Click here)

    bookaboo: Link (Click Here)

    medoza476: Link (Click Here)

    stefu: Link (Click Here)

    xeizo: Link (Click Here)

                       Topping NX1 measurements courtesy of Head-fi member Skamp.
      1. [​IMG]
      1. skamp
      2. [​IMG]

      I've always been curious to see how those "audiophile" portable amps actually performed. I also wanted a new toy to play with, and it was so cheap, I pulled the trigger and ordered the NX1, to measure it. Here are my results:

      Output impedance: 0.15Ω

      RMAA (unloaded): http://outpost.fr/rmaa/Topping_NX1.htm
      RMAA loaded with Denon AH-D2000: http://outpost.fr/rmaa/Topping_NX1-Denon_AH-D2000.htm
      RMAA loaded with Shure SE425: http://outpost.fr/rmaa/Topping_NX1-Shure_SE425.htm
      Source for all RMAA measurements: EMU 0204 USB line-out


      Basically, the NX1 performs very well, with near zero output impedance, high signal to noise ratio, ruler flat frequency response, no distortion to speak of, and high output. I have to admit, I'm very pleasantly surprised. I can't even hear any hiss with my Shures.


      The picture doesn't quite convey how tiny that thing is.

      Anyway, no need to get all lyrical, the amp's performance speaks for itself.

  2. SkyBleu
    Could it be? A BH side-step/downgrade/upgrade? [​IMG]
  3. Trebor1966
    this was a wrong product description - but there is also an other item with dac available:
    Both look very good build

  4. alison
    I just got one from this seller, right after the description was revised. This NX1 is made of brushed metal in China, accessories including audio cable, USB charge cable, silicone bands and velcros.
    I tried it with my laptop as soon as I got it. Yeah, it looks good and sounds great, like I’m in a small concert listening to Arcade Fire in a hall. Clear alto, fluent bass presence, normal use satisfied. I mean, it’s a fair match to laptops on travel, portable and cost-effective.
    Oh, I appreciate the H/L Gain switch and the Volume knob, so convenient.
    Anyway, it is indeed worth a try. And I wonder how you guys think of NX1’s tone quality.
    (My limited account is not allowed to upload images, so sorry for that)
  5. DMax99
    I'll definitely share my impression once I get my hands on them. I've just ordered today and trying not to have too high of an expectations for it.
  6. Bobby S
    The NX1 doesn't have a DAC section, it's just an amplifier.
    The USB port in the back is for charging purposes only.
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Have you heard the amp? Any words to say?

    I understand there isn't a DAC section, I had found out sometime ago but never updated the thread.

    It's now been updated to reflect this.
  8. lawrecedent
    I read a comparison with a fiio e11 somewhere that said it won hands down. I'm using an e11 at the moment and am pretty satisfied so might take a punt with this as it's so cheap. It's really hard to find anything written about it though. Is this because it's relatively new? I'd have thought Topping would have given out a few review samples to get the word out. Hint hint Topping if you're reading this haha!
  9. DMax99
    Mine has been posted today! :wink: but it will take at least two weeks of shipping :frowning2: I was too stingy to pay extra 10 bucks for the DHL express shipping option. I wanted to play it safe Lol ;p
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor

    E18 eh? We were only hoping to beat E11 initially! If you go ahead please come back and tell us your thoughts.

    You never know, this was how C&C BH was found originally, just from a random listing and giving it a try.
  11. lawrecedent
    Haha, sorry I've been researching the e18 too and my phone autocorrected it. Have edited it in the original post.
  12. DMax99
    Apparently mine got shipped yesterday via "Sweden post" but the item is in HK. I really don't get how the postage system work in China.. @_@"
  13. lawrecedent
    I don't wish to worry you at all but I just bought a pair of koss porta pro's from eBay and they were shipped by Sweden Post. They took forever to arrive and when they did it was obvious they had been drop shipped from China and possibly routed through Sweden. To top it all off they were definitely fake, I mean who fakes $20 headphones!! The thought didn't even cross my mind when I bought them.
  14. DMax99

    Really? The seller said it's because China post doesn't allow shipping of items with battery in them. He also said the shipping time should be faster than China post if not the same.

    So i guess we will see what happens.
  15. lawrecedent
    Hopefully that is the case. Let us know what it sounds like when it arrives I saw someone selling them for £21 on eBay the other day.
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