TIN HIFI P1 - Personal Experience
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Dec 12, 2018

There has been some hype about these going around ( or maybe it was just me, idk ). I came across Z Reviews on Youtube sometime back and every now and then i go and check his reviews. One of his reviews more precisely this one

had me really excited about these, enough so, that I went on penonaudio and ordered mine. I want to break down my experience and impressions into a few categories, like fitting, audio quality, build quality and presentation.

Fitting - 10 / 3

Fitting for me is a big deal, I know these are not customs and I should not expect them to behave like so. But there is such things like balance and how quickly you can manage to put them on and have them stay on. These are not it. Which is very unfortunate. I have compared these with the IKKO OH10 ( my experience/impressions post to come ), Shure ES215 and ES315 ( my experience/impressions post to come ), as well as the MEE M6 PRO.
First the cable being MMCX really threw me off, not that I hadn't seen it before but because I always avoided buying them. I do not like that it twists making it difficult for the cable to keep the shape of my ears ( by this i mean if the cable has that semi hard wrap that takes the shape of my ears after wear it around them ). PS: I wear glasses, so the cable sits on top of the glasses legs, another reason why if the fit isn't correct, the pieces will fall out easier and more frequently.
The nozzle, where tips go, is super short. I had the hardest time fitting the tips it came with and my personal ones. Because it's so short the tips would be left in my ear after taking the monitors from my ear, So i had to push the tips all the way its neck ( for lack of word ), but this makes it so that the grill is right there out in the open.


Audio Quality - 10 / 8

The main reason why I jumped on these is that it's planar magnetic. I have an Audeze LCD 3 that i think is the best sounding headphones I have ever tried so far and I wanted a more portal version of that. Well this is not quite there of course. It would not be fair to compare open over the ears with these. Yet, these bring clarity (brightness?) and good mids and high. When listening to J.S Bach - Sonatas & Partials For Lute I am able to hear the guy breathing and all the nuances of finger sliding the strings or echo of room. It's pretty intense. These aren't bass heavy, so when I listen to metal I would have liked a bit of more punch to it.

Build Quality - 10 / 6

The build quality to me seems pretty good, but not without imperfections. Like i mentioned with the fit, i dislike that the connector type is MMXC and i dislike that the nozzle is super short. The finish on the glossy part is lacking near the nozzle and the part where the cable connects to ( not sure what the name of it is ).

Presentation - 10 / 8

I like what I see, i like the feel of the box, it feels sturdy, i like that it comes with a cute leather case. Not sure how much these things would matter really after the fact. I may skip this section altogether, it feels silly to focus writing on this.


Writing these feels like I'm being harsh or negative, but i guess that's how my experience with the TIN HIFI P1 have been. Would buy these again knowing then what I know now? Probably not, given that I'm not swimming in a pool of money. Have I enjoyed it with some genre of music? Absolutely. If all the things I mentioned here specially about the fit and focus on mids and highs don't bother you, then this is a great buy indeed.
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