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Tin Hifi P1 impressions

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  1. dogears
    anyone getting the shuoer tape electrostat iems? comparo please :D tia
  2. oneula
    my Shuoer Tape just arrived via DHL today

    did some nap listening on my Cayin N3 (Emilie Claire Barlow, Scott Jarrett, Steve Kindler & Teja Bell) and my Arriva CT-10 using Qobuz (Racheal & Vilray, Joshua Redman, Jonsi, Soud Massi)

    A simple out the the box, no burn in impression


    Super wide stage
    Super detailed !'m hearing things that opened my eyes especially on HD Tracks Greatest Audiophile Vocals album
    Bass is there and not muddy you can feel it
    able to handle fast transients and complicated mixes of instruments

    Swapping out for the P3 you automatically understand their need for power as everything is muffled at the same volume on these devices
    Although the P3s come life with both E1DA dac/amps or my xduoo XD-05

    I'm having trouble with the cable that came with the Tapes
    but who cares with the sound that comes out of these weird looking things
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  3. RikudouGoku
    I am planning on buying both the P1 and tape on 11/11 (want to try planars) but sounds like the tape Is just superior according to your impressions and bggar review.
  4. Nailzs
    I have both and personally I like the P1 better.
  5. Isloo
    Thanks for the reply. I am leaning more towards the P1.
  6. Charlie Norwood
    I have both. iSine gathering dust since p1 came. iSine has more sub-bass, and a wider sound stage due to being semi-open - though the iSine doesn't really leak any sound so I'm not sure how open they really are. But p1 has more detail recovery and a more engaging sound imo.

    iSine are easier to drive and of course sounds great with cipher cable, so it's arguably the more portable option, even though wearing them in any position other than sitting isn't great.

    Basically, I was willing to deal with having hubcaps hanging off my ears because it was the only in-ear planar option at the time - but now that I have the p1, they don't have much purpose. Probably just going to keep them as part of weird earphone history tho.
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  7. Krassi
    but you can drive p1 to the moon in case of bass and all.. for me those are really chameleon like IEMs that you can kick the crap out..! i am still waiting 10 days more to get my Shuoeueorroere tape (the name is os ****ing stupid that you never rember because its its so crap.. buuut i think those are E1DA PDv2 Wonder ****ers that fly to mars with good EQ ing.. well anybody that doesent enhance something is simplys lazy.. really guys i cant understand anybody that doesnt enhance sonething that can be enhanced.. that super ****ing stupid like crap.. i am a Grafic dude and 50% of my 3D images is the post production.. yes.. you decide how it looks.. and visual and audio i F U C C KI ING the same.. no difference.. its stupid not to do stuff you can..sorry no offense but its ****ing stupid just to use stock crap and complain about it.. :wink:

    seeya daniell.. i am actually quiet good in colorgrading and graphic crap.. thats my thing.. but i love high end audio too.. its the same!
  8. dogears
    so the Tapes is more like an electret than estat right?
  9. trivium911
    What about the ibasso IT0s, how does it compare to the P1's? I'm leaning towards the IT0s as apparently it's a good pair up for my DX120
  10. davehutch
    Wow...that's raised my blood pressure! Calm down before you burst something :wink:
  11. Krassi
    Calm like an Iceblock again. Puh to much F words :wink:
    Sorry! TL/TR .. i am exited :wink:

    Had my p1 with the 9038s plugged in when i ran to my office. sound without equing is also nice buuuut if you can enhance something than why not :wink:
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  12. Lidson Mendes Br
    Very interesting, I'm liking the comments related to Shuoer.
  13. Isloo
    Thanks for the reply. It seems like P1 is definitely the way to go.
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  14. BowWazoo
    Since a few days I have the p1 home. Meanwhile, I've been listening to music for over 20 hours.
    To make it short: my enthusiasm can hardly be put into words!
    By the way: I have a Stellia home, but clearly prefer the p1.
    This In-Ear is an absolute masterpiece!
    The P1 deprives every high-end in-ear the right to exist.

    I run the P1 on the Note9.
    In my opinion, the volume is sufficient so in 90% of the cases, although I have the preamp to -3db.

    Often the bass is criticized.
    I can not comprehend that.
    People who like neat bass, just need to increase from 100hz to 1-3 db, and then everything is fine.
    However, it is extremely important to choose the right tips..

    For me, the P1 actually sounds like a real Planar: dynamic, transparent, clear, natural, balanced, but never boring - flat.

    20191016_120821.jpg tempFileForShare_20191016-135714.jpg
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  15. Krassi
    "People who like neat bass, just need to increase from 100hz to 1-3 db, and then everything is fine."

    ...and suddenly the bass kicks in :wink:
    Yep love the sound of them. still running dekoni medium foam tips on them all the time.
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