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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. Maxx134
    I not sure if this is a joke or else very sad occurance..
    What is needed is an underatanding of what is going on and why, then appropriate sensible approaches,
    instead insane prices and vodo-sonic-logiC.
    Just because you CAN hear a difference does not mean it is worth thousands when materials alone probably cost maker $20bucks at most...

    we need strike a balance of sanity of logic and realizing always more to learn in audio..

    In the USB realm we already have solutions that beinfit and cover whatever sonic results you can gain, for much less money and much more verified.
    Products like the schiit WYRD and also cables wich isolate dirty power line and also cables with higher conductivity silver...

    So why do people still buy into the snake-oil businesS?

    Its only obvious that spending $1k or more on a cable is sheer ludicris.
    Or maybe society is turning insane?

    Same thing with "bmichels",
    We need to know what we are looking for and then use appropriate tools.
    In his case, all he needs is a digital tester to read actual voltagE and then to get a protective power line solution ,
    like a power strip that actually works like "Furman" models.

    Hey I have a great fantastical lunacy idea I will now implement a paint that will reflect all interfering light spectrum signals to dampen my headphones from interfering light & radio frequenseeeze!...

    Then I can listen to my new dac in all its glory without digital haze..

    Edit, 2points:

    1- I was not informed about the VanDel Hul XLR inter-connect and spoke to quick & naive.
    It should not be labled in with other snake-oil cables as I only assumed because of price but was informed it is very good..

    2- I did paint my headphones highly reflective to deflect all light rays..
  2. mikek200
    No,it's not a joke,& I still stand by what my ears told me,when I first auditioned the Van Del Hull .
    IMHO,it is NOT  a snake oil product..
    Whether I choose to spend $1K on a cable ,or any other product is , my business,not yours.
    Have you ever heard,the cable I am referring to..??..>
    I doubt it..
    So,your just spitting out /opinions on something ,you never heard..whether ,it is worth $1400.00{new},is a totally different topic ;,your just annoyed that someone would spend that much money,on a cable...
    Maybe it would benefit all,that you just keep your opinions to yourself.
    And ,don;t forget to take your medication
  3. Ableza
    There has yet to be anyone who can tell the difference between a silver and a copper interconnect in a genuine double blind listening test.  But if it makes you feel better and you believe in the magic, then knock yourself out.  As in all things audio, whatever floats your boat is what you should do.
  4. kapanak
    You folks really want Currawong to come down swinging with his magic hammer?
    Stillhart likes this.
  5. Priidik
    Even two very similar sabre dacs are many magnitudes more different than differences between interconnects that i have tried.
    I can hear a minor difference between silver coated and regular cat5e as headphone cable.
    Cat5e is better. Very, very slightly less harsh.  
    I  couldn't find any differences between interconnect cables between dac and amp, though.
    Perhaps too little load to get anything out of superior conductivity of silver or monocrystaline copper.
  6. Stillhart
    BTW, I just read last night that the 700 is PCM1702.  The 600 is PCM63.  I'm curious how that changes the sound, but not curious enough to buy a 700 and see for myself.  lol
  7. mikek200
    I'm not sure either-I was hoping you could tell me-is there a major difference
    Didn't you tell me a week or so ,that you would have preferred the 600.?
  8. kapanak
    Hey folks, I own the Concero HD as my current DAC.
    I require a portable or transportable DAC for my needs. I have been looking at the GeekOut 450 or 1000 and the Herus+ as well as the Concero HP.
    I was wondering if price was no object, which one of the three would be the better option?
  9. AustinValentine
    The bigger difference between the GDA-600 and the GDA-700 are the digital filters used. The 600 uses a DF1700P and the 700 uses a PMD100. This will likely have a bigger impact on the sound than the difference between PCM63 and PCM1702. 
    Honestly: I think most people decide between them based on if they care that much about balanced output or not. Both of them are fantastic units. 
  10. Stillhart
    At the time, I would have preferred the 700 because I wanted the balanced unit.  After doing a lot more research, I don't feel that the additional cost is warranted.  All other things equal, I'd pick balanced.  But all other things are not... (see below)
    Thanks for this.  Is the filter on the 700 supposed to be better?
  11. mikek200
    Excellent post,Austin
    I was beginning to have 2nd; thoughts..
  12. Timestretch
    What's the popular recommendation for a very visually attractive, competent DAC <$1000 that has optical & USB inputs, and RCA & XLR outputs?  
    I do love my Benchmark DAC1 and have never had a complaint with it, but I think variety could be nice, too. 
  13. kapanak

    Matrix X-Sabre? :)
  14. AustinValentine
    There are lots of great DACs that use both. A number of very good vintage DACs from Spectral, Sonic Frontiers/Assemblage, Classe, Krell, and Parasound use PMD100. On the other hand, fantastic vintage DACs from Linn, Monarchy, and the Sonic Frontiers TransDAC all use DF1700P.
    I'm not sure I could say that one is any better than the other. I think this is one of the reasons that people pick by input/output when buying Adcoms instead of the specific chips, etc. Probably not the most helpful answer I can give, but certainly the most honest. 
  15. murrays
    The PMD100 (in the GDA-700) decodes HDCD.
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