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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. Stillhart
    I upgraded to the NFB-28 a couple months ago because I've upgraded headphones and wanted a more neutral sound (also balanced out). I still have the 15 because I really like it with my older headphones and it's nice to have an option in DAC's.

    Now that I have a few more DAC's coming in tho, it might be time to get rid of it. Makes me sad thinking about selling it but I am not using it much.
  2. auvgeek
    I have an Audio-gd Compass DAC/amp that I'm considering selling for around $200. Do your own research, but it should be a step up from the NFB-15. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  3. DecentLevi
    Hello guys, thanks much for your advice on DACs. I'm sure I will consider one of those once I can afford them. But for now with my question about the best DAC for around $150-ish, I'm surprised nobody mentioned about the HRT microStreamer or HRT Music Streamer III, or the  Peachtree Audio DAC-iT. Does anybody have anything to share about their experiences with either of these? 
    Also @auvgeek I will send you a PM, thank you.
  4. Stillhart
    I had issues with my Mircostreamer on one of my computers so I sold it.  It can be picky about USB and setting and stuff in Windows (they know it and help folks here to get it resolved, but I didn't feel like dealing with it).  The guy I sold it to had Mac and no issues.
    You might check out the Meridian Explorer or Explorer 2.
    In other news, I'm taking my first listen to the Adcom right now.  First impressions (compared to the Sabre in my NFB-28):  slightly mid-forward but without sounding dark, treble is a bit rolled off or laid back but very smooth/musical, it sounds a bit congested.  The treble is the most obvious difference.  Honestly, except for the slight congestion, I'd say this little guy compares quite favorably to the NFB-28.  
    I need to go back to the mod thread and see if it's supposed to open up the soundstage a bit...
    EDIT - Actually, if I spend a song or two just on the Adcom and go back to the sabre, the treble on the sabre is actually really annoying...
  5. mikek200
    Didn't you get the 006 ,new??,You might need to break it in more,before you do any modds..?From what you've read on the modd site,do you think there will be a night & day improvement??
    Anyway,all in all,you got , one hell of a deal.--
    The 007 I ordered yesterday,cost me over 21/2 times. what you grabbed the 006 for.
    Sometimes the audio Gods look down on us.....-NICE!!
  6. Stillhart
    New?  No, lol, not sure where you got that.  But yeah, I'm sure it needs to warm up a bit and stay on for a few weeks before it sounds its best (/sarcasm guys!) and I plan on leaving it on all the time.  
    I'm not going to jump into the mods just yet for a few reasons:  I want to get used to the stock sound for a little bit.  Also, I'm buying a Cavalli amp tomorrow, and I have a Theta DAC incoming and I have another surprise audio-related expense (that I'm DEFINITELY not complaining about, but wasn't expecting).  Also taxes.
    So yeah, maybe the mod in a few weeks.  lol
    Re: night and day:
    Some random impressions from that thread to give you an idea of what I've been reading.
  7. mikek200
    Don't know where I got that idea,either..when I bought the Parasound ZDAC,the seller told me it was laying around for a few years??,maybe that was it??
    The ZDAC was new,,which is rare for a dac,made in 1996.
    Wow,I must say,you've been busy
    Good luck with all your gear that's coming in..,very nice.
    Buzz me,after you get the Theta,please..
  8. Maxx134
    Na no need aplogys here as we all can have "testosteroned" comments at times and I admit I can come across brash at times,
    but mainly because I see lots of sincere dudes looking for help and end up spending alot here.
    We shouldnt be tempted by latest dacs or headphones just because its new.

    A good game plan is to try ro save so as to skip over alot gear,
    that in essence would just be a "side-grade" more than a real upgrade.
    I did my own mistakes with the dacs also.
    didnt really need to upgrade from irdac but the oppo was an all in one solution that I could not resist.
    Now that I have herd better in the AKM type dacs(Gingnir& LIO),
    I have to admit the lesabre dacs were nicely detailed but not optimal for the hd800..
  9. mikek200
    Yeah,at the time I bought the 009's,I was on a real audio bender
    I was searching out any & all ways of improving the 009 flavor--the Van Del hull cables ,helped me reach that goal
    For the last few weeks,I've been going in a sideways direction,buying vintage dacs,wherever I can find them-at a good price.
    It's also a learning curve for me,as I know nothing about gear that's 25 years old.
    One item I plan on getting though...yes,you are correct
    La Yggdrasil,..LOL..it's a new state of the art,Viking dac.
    This will halt my $1K cable purchases,forever.
    Have a good night,Later,
  10. Sonic Defender Contributor

    Once a cable junkie, always a cable junkie[​IMG]
  11. mikek200
    LOL-No,I've graduated to a DAC junkie!!!
    Sidenote--when my wife found out about the 1K cable,she said to.me ."enjoy it now,because I'm going to hang you with it"
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor

    Almost as bad. You'll be turning tricks in no time, just wait and see.
  13. StefanJK
    That's why I stick to $2,300 that you can't yet buy.  And my kids are far more dangerous than my wife.  
  14. Sonic Defender Contributor

    Ha ha, I'll bet she will yet. So funny.
  15. wahsmoh

    I think when you first start listening to the R2R DACs they give you the impression they sound slightly rolled off or not as detailed. Then when you go back to the S-D AKM or Sabre variants they both sound noticeably more glarey and not smooth enough. Sounds like you've been initiated. [​IMG]
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