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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. mikek200
    Why are we even discussing this..
    The Yiggy is not even listed for sale--yet?
    The warm up time issue has not even  been completely addressed/solved..??
    The windows driver problem-if it really exists,hasn't been solved,or has it?
  2. reddog
    Yes he posted on another thread, that the window driver problem was fixed.
  3. Mr Rick
    Go back a few pages and all will become clear.
  4. jexby

    Um wait what?
    Yggy isn't' the God inspired DAC?

    wmedrz and pyfgcrl like this.
  5. mikek200
    Lets just get the GD item ,on the market first...
  6. mulder01
    Sorry if this has been covered, but from this explanation, there are a bunch of electronic components that behave slightly differently after a certain period of time.  
    So then wouldn't that mean that all electronic devices would be equally as effected?  Why is the Yggy particularly sensitive to such minute differences compared to other pieces of equipment?  Or is it effected equally as much as other pieces of equipment, but for some reason everyone is blowing up about this DAC in particular?
  7. eddypoon
    It's like coke.  Nobody discovered Cola before the french revolution, and now we have Cola, everybody asks about the difference in taste between different sugars used in different origins. 
    Like you said, equally affecting all equipment. There is no other logical explanation. 
  8. mikek200
    "but for some reason everyone is blowing up about this DAC in particular?"
    Honetly,I don't know,but many of us,have been waiting for this product to emerge,at least I have,in fact,I sold my current dac,jus to help finance,the Yiggy.
    I'll continue to wait,& thank you  ,Mike & Jason for all the hard work,you've put into this project
    Mr.Rick,Redog ...thanks for the corrections,& updates.
  9. Sonic Defender Contributor

    I agree, despite some slight concern over warmup time the Yggy sounds like it will be an amazing piece of gear. I personally would consider the Yggy if it makes sense for me, but time will tell.
  10. GoldfishX
    I'm surprised the "leave it on all the time" thing is such a problem for people. DAC's generally don't run that hot. It's not that much different from leaving, say, a DVD player, a computer or TV on all the time.  It's not like it's a Class A tube amp. Leave it on and forget about it.
    And I dunno, Mike's doing fine with PR in this thread so far.
  11. Stillhart
    What happened to chocolate ice cream?
  12. jexby

    If you leave it on all the time it melts.
  13. lukeap69

    So, is that the reason Purrin hated chocolate ice cream? He cannot leave it all the time? :smile:
  14. estreeter
    Agree completely, but the dissenting voices will always be the loudest on any forum. If Ayre, Linn or Naim suggested that a source should be left on 24/7 for optimum performance, no one who pays that sort of money would argue, but Schiit Audio has appealed to the 'Absolutely no BS' crowd from day one and clearly some of them see this as very much an Ayre / Linn / Naim thing. High-end audio with all the mythology that goes along with it - yada yada yada
    The thing is that Mike isnt asking anyone to buy a thousand dollar power cord or a separate PSU for 75% of the cost of the Yggy (Naim..) and he's not going from forum to forum telling potential customers where to go and what to do when they get there (sorry, Charlie, but thats how you project yourself). Read any interview with Linn's Ivor Tiefenbrun and you'll quickly discover a prickly individual who has his own ideas on what makes for good sound and what you need to spend to get to that level - he's pretty much at the 'take it or leave it' stage. 
    I dont see any easy answers here - either accept the relatively small overhead in terms of your power bill or wait till the R2R goodness trickles down to Gungnir. 
    korzena and Ableza like this.
  15. C.C.S.
    Perhaps purrin found some chocolate ice cream that he actually enjoys?
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