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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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    My Gungnir draws 20W power per hour it's on. That's 480W per day if left on 24/7. At 10 cents per Kilowatt from Met Ed here in Reading, PA, leaving my G on costs me 5 CENTS A DAY or $1.50 per month.

    To balance this cost and the ecological catastrophe I create daily with my Gungnir, I park ONE spot farther away at work!!!!!!!

    I'll gladly pay 5 CENTS a day to possibily have 1 iota of better sonic goodness each time I go to listen. But more importantly, never turning it off saves me the caloric energy expenditure required to reach BEHIND my Gungnir to switch it on!!!!
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  2. hans030390
    Anyone charging more than a couple hundred bucks for a TDA1543-based DAC is ridiculous. I don't care how many of them you parallel. The 1543 chips are an inherently low-budget, compromised design. You can get much better performance out of a single 1541 chip. bmichels, how many non-oversampling DACs have you tried besides the DP-777? If you're not thrilled with the DP-777, my guess is non-oversampling isn't what you should be pursuing.
  3. mikek200
  4. haywood
    I think that was a joke. :)

    Anyway this isn't about heat as the device would reach a stable temperature relatively quickly. The obvious solution is to just leave it on, and maybe it'd be worth Schitt implementing a front panel soft switch to put it in "standby" mode like other devices (e.g. tv) use, but it would be interesting for someone with the engineering chops to find out why it does have the current behavior. I'd also like to see tests with multiple Yggys where one has been left on for the required week, and the other hasn't and get people's impressions of the difference. Ideally it'd be more units so you can see what differences happen and roughly when but then it starts to get ridiculous unless Schiit gets involved. I'd love to see purrin and his pirate crew take that on since we already have a frame of reference for them and they're relatively impartial.
  5. pldelisle
    The more I read, the more I think I'm going to get the Gungnir over the Bifrost Uber. Seems better on many points. And since it's a long term buying (Do you think it can last me for more than 5 years ?), it worths the premium price over the Bifrost.
  6. estreeter
    Guys, the name is Schiit Audio - you need a 'c', two 'i's and a single t - I know they've overplayed the joke but some of the attempted spellings here are truly *****. Spelling police or no, this is an enthusiast community and we owe it to ourselves and newbies to get the brand names right. Not sure how a group that can manage 'Resonessence Labs' can muff this one so badly. 
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  7. mikek200
    That sounds like an excellent idea,and Purrin would be the man,if he is willing ,and has the time to do it.
    Mike from Schiit would be another guy..
    OK,well damn..now I cant cant the Mr.Coffee warm-up pads..I was hoping that I could get a years worth of coffee for free !!!
    Guess,my Yiggy takes preference-LOL
    Thanks Haywood--good post
  8. mikek200
    Ihad the Gungnir,many years ago ,and after what I read about the new Gen2 USB from Purrin,I was seriously thinking about getting it again also.
    Have you read this:

    6 Schiit Gungnir Gen2 USB Board (USB)
    Highly dynamic. Great tonal balance with bite when the recording calls for it. Like the Lavry DA11, it doesn't do much wrong. Sweet sweet tone. Excellent tonal response with some balls in the bass. Compact but well defined stage with great localization of instruments. Very good sounding treble, one of the best we've heard with a sigma-delta chip. Vocals are only second to the AGD M7 or Metrum. Resolution is not the best, but it can still hang in there. With the Gen 2 USB upgrade, the Gungnir has now found its way into my regular rotation. Now I can feel comfortable lending out one of my better DACs to friends because I have a DAC good enough as a substitute. Some have found the Gungnir Gen 1 to be overly dynamic - having a tendency to be too loud. Think rock arena. That drummer that hits really hard. This is the top one or two hardest hitting DACs out there. This does create a sense of tension which can either be good for bad depending upon you sensitivities. I've never fallen asleep to music listening to this DAC.
    The Gen 2 USB brings to the table some finesse through the restoration of low level sounds which were previously compressed or lost in the Gen 1 USB version. Gen 1 USB also sounds less lively (microdynamics) and less clear. The Gen 2 USB upgrade is significant. It's interesting to note how Schiit has removed all the bad things they said about USB on their website with the release of the Gen 2 USB."
    I have already made up my mind about the Yiggy,so I have put aside those funds,and I am hoping thats the Yiggy,will be listed ..soon
    Good luck with the Gungnir,if you get it.
  9. pldelisle
    Yes I read this mini-review from Purrin. The only thing that was holding me was the price. It's about 400 $ CND more than the Bifrost Uber :/ But every member of this forum seems to agree that it worths the price premium. 
    I won't be using the balanced output, though. But I have really good shielded RCA cables. But who knows, maybe in the futur my speaker amp will have balanced inputs... But I read that even with the unbalanced RCA output the sound is better than the Bifrost Uber.
  10. conquerator2
    Do we have any nice Theta alternatives?
    Would like to spread my repertoire of possibilities a bit [​IMG]
  11. mikek200
    Yeah,but the Gungnir already has xlr plugs.
    Also,I hearing something about other??? upgrades for the Gungnir---don't know how accurate that info is.??
    The Gungnir might be a dac,that will stay with you for a few decades???
    I would go back online,and read about the SQ differences,that both dacs offer??,or,PM a few Gungnir/Bifrost owners
    Guys who had both .....??
    My gut reaction is to take Purrins' opinion as Gospel,and tells it like it is..thats just my $.02.
  12. kugino Contributor
    I've been looking at the monarchy r2r dacs as well as some of the lite ones. the lite dac-72 uses the pcm1702 like the theta. and the monarchy uses the pcm63 in some of theirs.
  13. AustinValentine
    Yep, Monarchy r2r's can be solid, for sure. While there isn't really a direct 1:1 alternative for the Moffat-filtered/Motorola DSP'ed Thetas, there are other really solid vintage models brands and models. Obviously, the offerings by Linn Numerik, Krell, Wadia, and Mark Levinson that use Ultra Analog/PCM63/1702/1704 all already command a premium. Beyond those - and in some cases above those - my favorite vintage r2r's come from Sonic Frontiers, Parasound, and Adcom. I actually get a bit shocked by the lack of attention that the Adcom GDA 600/700 get, as the PCM63/1702 chips and DF1700P/PMD100 filters that they use are really quite good. 
  14. purrin
    The Sonic Frontiers UltraAnalog and PCM1702 based DACs. The Monarchy UltraAnalog and PCM63 based DACs. Spectral SDR2000, PS Audio Ultralink, Adcom, Parasound, etc.
    There are a lot of DACs from that "golden age" era that are still overpriced or not that great, i.e. the vintage Linn CD12 is still selling for way too much, but then again it was Linn's $20K flagship back in the day. The Linn Numerik (PCM63)/Karik could have been better. 
  15. kugino Contributor

    cool...nice to get a bunch of options, though i'm sure most are difficult to obtain. thanks!
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