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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. wahsmoh

    Agreed. The important thing is to keep your amp from transferring heat to your source if they are in close proximity.
  2. fzman Contributor
    Don't be so sure about that ....  look what happens when we leave Purrin on all the time!   [​IMG] 
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  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Recently I have been leaving my Gungnir on all the time (about 5 days now). I can't say I hear a difference myself, but I'm willing to try!
  4. shadow84
    My choices are now Maverick D2, NFB 15.32 and modi 2 uber. For pc and console gaming, with audioengine A5+ and maybe upcoming S8 subwoofer.
    Any more choices around this price range?
  5. wink
  6. coli
    Until your house burns down. Assuming it's your house of course.
  7. hodgjy
    Don't buy anything from Maverick. I took a bath with them. Not to mention, the stuff they sell isn't very good.
  8. Stillhart
    IMO, the NFB-15 is one of the best values in its price range.  I think the DAC is a step up from the Modi (but I haven't heard the Modi 2) and the amp is solid.  I've never heard anything good about the Mavericks.  Schiit's entry level stuff if is a good value if you're in the States, but once you start paying huge shipping fees and import taxes, the value proposition goes down...depends how cheap you can get them for.
    Other things to consider in the price range are the O2/ODAC,Fiio E07k/E09k, and Geek Out 1000.  The NFB-11 is also really nice for the price, tho it's a bit more than the other items mentioned.
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  9. bmichels
    I do not see any talk here about the  no-compromize  1543 DAC (and the associated CAT music server) from the UK company Computer Audio Design ?
    This NON oversampling DAC uses the 16 bits Philips 1543 chip + R2R lader technology (in fact it uses 16 (Sixteen !) TDA1543 chips !!).   Purrin, you should like this "vintage" concept ? [​IMG]
    This ladder operates without any form of oversampling or filtering, and the 16 TDA1543 DAC chips generate an output of 1.65v without needing a conventional output stage !
    And the CAT Music Server uses a very modified version of Windows. And since it is windows based... you can install on it software like QOBUZ or ..."Out of Your Head"  [​IMG].
    I believe that this guy should deserve attention, at least for it's extremely brave NON-Commercial NO-Compromise approach !  [​IMG]   
    anyone heard it ? know it ?
    The digital board with it's twin rows of 8 x 1543 DACs all topped by a massive heatsink !!
    Back of the DAC: USB in, RCA out.... a very minimalist approach !!
    The  CAT server/streamer/NAS/Streamer
  10. Stillhart
    It's a bad sign when nobody who sells it will list the price...
  11. bmichels
    1543 DAC = £6,900
    CAT =  £5,300 or £4,800 when purchased with 1543 DAC
    HiFi+  CAT review here 
  12. Ableza
    Uh huh.  Estimated MSRP of Schiit Yggdrasil: $2399 US.  I'll wait.  And I built my media server/network audio player for less than $250.  Thank you Vortexbox.
  13. gevorg
    That's one nice chassis!
  14. icebear
    I somehow stumbled into this thread on a lazy Sunday afternoon and went over the latest 15 pages or so. I haven't been following Shiit and I don't have any intention to look into their products as I am pretty happy with my current set up.
    Having said that I wonder why with all the "heated" discussion about warm up times and "leave always on" there has no one mentioned active temperature control ...[​IMG]. If the parts and circuits need to reach a certain temperature to tune in and sound best, why not help the DAC actively to reach that state ?
    That is not rocket science : 
    If Shiit isn't integrating something, just get two of these thingies and put them under the DAC [​IMG]
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  15. mikek200
    Is it safe?
    If you go along with this type of warm-up thing,why no just use a small warm up blanket,and just place it directly underneath the Yiggy
    And,how are we to know,when the Yiggy has reached optimal temperature???,or,possible,over heating?
    Leaving the Yiggy on,to me,seems like ,the best way
    Electrical bill,increase,is minimal,at least in NYC.
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