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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. Merlin-PT
    I have one in my cart waiting for Ali anniversary sale in 6 days. :)
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
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  2. SupremusDoofus
    Is there a mod for zishan z3 which enable it to playback 32bit 192khz in usb dac mode?
  3. Themilkman46290
    Well i ordered from arrow.com on Wednesday, and i found out, it seems they dont sell to ukraine, now they took my money, then sent me an email and i need to send them a cover letter and 5 other forms and prove to them i am not a russian terrorist, oil driller,or going to use these things for sonar. It seems i am not allowed to purchase from them as a private citizen either but not they wont give my money back or answer my emails....... Arrow sucks, becareful with them
  4. nesty
    @Themilkman46290, that's bad.. btw, where did you previously ordered you stuff's? Try Rs or mouser.
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  5. Themilkman46290
  6. nesty
    RS Components
  7. silverfishla
    Are you one? An oil driller? What’s it like? :wink:
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  8. calico88
    Well I ordered some parts from arrow at the same day, 1 payment, and they send me 2 order, 2 shipment, 2 huge box packages arrive at the same day, fedex charge me about US$4 for each package for handling fee.

    How about that.
  9. Themilkman46290
    I dont know, but i cant prove i am not, it sucks, but thats not what got me, what bothers me is they tell me on thursday, but when i reply and ask for a refund they go dead silent... .. Its so hard getting parts
  10. DBaldock9
    Their refusal to ship to you is because some electronics components are on the Commerce Control List, which falls under Export Administration Regulations, and Ukraine is one of the prohibited places for shipping.
  11. Themilkman46290
    Yeah i understood after everything was done, i am not even angry, just wish they would have handled it quickly, now have to wait l longer and longer. Kind of annoying man.
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  12. DBaldock9
    Yeah, it's lousy that they would process an order, if your address is in a place that they're prohibited from shipping to.
  13. Themilkman46290
    I even read there policy before i made the order, it said they do send to Ukraine but not the occupied territory, so i thought it was ok since i dont live there. Pretty lousy really
  14. Themilkman46290
    Sadly i had to cancel my order, i couldnt understand hot to fill the required documents, but i have a freind in england that says she can bring what i need, can you guys tell what site has the quickest shipping in england?
  15. lior777
    Zishan ak4493 or ziku 10 SQ ?
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
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