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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. Themilkman46290
    Had a free day, so i looked around and remembered i had some 2 and 3 mm acrylic, so i removed the metal sides and carefully used the rework station to heat it up and mold it around
    IMG_20190304_105710.jpg IMG_20190304_163841.jpg

    Also wanted to say after mods (change out ldos, opamps and caps) the equalizer still doesn't allow to boost much but it no longer distorts when i turn down unwanted freq so i can "boost" when i want overall much cleaner and better seperation seems a bit more spacious . Thanks ivan tt for all the help!
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2019
  2. kookaudio
    Nice! Could you show a pic of how the TPS73250 mod ended up in fact...?
  3. Themilkman46290
    Yea ivan tt, show us some pics of that dirty girl!
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  4. AxelCloris Administrator
    Let's please keep the discussion on-topic. Thanks everyone.
  5. Ivan TT
    Nah, they are not really THAT worthwhile, BUT! I encourage a forum member who did awesome TVDD/AVDD mod to share their photos, they are awesome!

    Mine needs few more tweaks, later today.
  6. Merlin-PT
    The mod to separate TVDD and AVDD 3.3V power (adding another LDO) is from ArtemyR here:

    I'm only posting the photos because was asked, I'm not suggesting others should do this or any other mod.
    Care must be taken not to destroy the player, also some modifications give better sound, others worst sound and some no difference.

    I have cut the bottom PCB track to separate DAC pin64 TVDD and pin59 AVDD.
    Added another 3.3V LDO with the output pin sticking out in the air to give a new 3.3V line.
    Connected that new 3.3V line with the orange wire to a small cap pad that was already connected to pin59 of the DAC.
    Except the output pin, the rest of the new LDO pins are soldered on top of the other 3.3V LDO that was already in the board.
    Also added a 10uF cap between the new 3.3V output pin and ground.
    I liked this mod from ArtemyR, it's one small step closer to the AK datasheet recommendation.

    Here are the photos of what I did to my player:


    Last edited: Mar 4, 2019
  7. Ivan TT
    Added 0805 0.1uF cap from NR pin to ground conveniently located close by.
    Datasheet recommends 0.01uF, but did not have one handy.
    This reduces TPS73250 noise even further, from equivalent to -100dB to about -110dB (referenced to nominal out corresponding to 0dBFS).
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  8. Merlin-PT
    That was a close call, asking for "dirty pics" just before the thread was moderated. :)
  9. Themilkman46290
    Yea, he thought i actually wanted some naughty pics, i was only talking about his zishans board :wink:
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  10. calico88
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  11. Merlin-PT
    Wow, impressive work!
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  12. Themilkman46290
    Nice, wish i had a cnc machine. Good work!!
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  13. kookaudio
    Well, actually I was asking about the TPS73250 mod...
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  14. Ivan TT
    TPS73250 mod is rather simple and ideally done along with LP5907 mod.

    LP5907 replaces 5-pin sot-23 LDO at the right hand side of analog PCB below, improving DAC's 3.3V power supply.

    TPS73250 replaces 5-pin sot-23 LDO slightly lower to the left of LP5907, improving DAC's 5V power supply.

    These could be sourced from arrow.com provided it delivers to your country.

    Hope it helps.

    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
  15. Themilkman46290
    If anyone in ukraine needs those 2 parts i have 7 of the 5 volt and 16 of the 3.3 volt

    Can sell them at the price i paid, pm me.
    They seem to clean up the sound
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