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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. phaenius
    koaly, did the seller notified you he made modifications to the card ? How much did you paid for it ? Maybe you are covered by ebuyer protection.
  2. phaenius
    Can't find a way to edit my last post, so I add another one. The clicks are a relay working. It's a protection, it's normal.
    Edit: "Now" I found the pencil for editing posts. [​IMG] Sorry for the double post.
  3. Rainjam
    Hey rjm003,
    I've been using the stock Essence STX for a few months now and after reading your posts about the opamps, I ordered those NE5532's. Not that there is much of a difference to notice, but that had to be expected.
    Now I'd like to replace the capacitors. Is there some sort of orientation for soldering them? :)
    Hope for your feedback. RJ
  4. koaly
    thanks for the hint. I would like to repair the card. The question is not in returning money. I have noticed that two SMD capacitors are missing on the PCB next to the clock generator. Seems that the previous owner de-soldered them for some reason. Could it be that the missing capacitors cause the slow tempo of the sound? I have ordered a couple of 15 pF.capacitors at Mouser. Will try at least. The Vanguard oscillator is also on the way. I expected to get an advice here
  5. phaenius
    You can follow my problem with one card also bought from ebay, just previous page. I bought it in good faith, as it was described as fully working and "as new", but when I got it, it got very distorted sound on the analogue side. I tried to return it, but both seller and ebay rallied against me and I was lucky that a friend managed to repair it. It was a fried polyzen and we also replaced a PWM controller and a +12V stabilizer as a caution.
    Your card was sold as modded or default, standard manufacturer release ? It's a matter of preference, but I like the stock one, as released by ASUS. I even replaced the modded OP-AMPs I got in my card with default ones. I don't know why you are missing the original clock generator and the capacitors as I believe those were put there by ASUS engineers with a reason. But I don't get it. Is your TEMPO slowed down or the sound output level is decreased ? Why would anyone want to temper with the clock ? What gain you could get from this ? Sorry, I can't help you more, as I'm not a specialist. Good luck in repairing the card.
  6. rul3s
    Hi People, i'm new to this forum :)
    I've recently buy a Xonar STX and I'd like to know if there's a option to have conected my speakers and headphones at the same time, don't need to hear both at the same time, just switch between by software/drivers.
    Before I was using the mobo integrated soundcard and an aditional Xonar DSX, headphones in DSX and Speakers on mobo, and switching between by windows, but now i'd like to use STX for both and dont need to plug and unplug 3.5 jack every time.
    There is a way to do what I want?
  7. phaenius
    Who's stopping you ? [​IMG] STX offers different outputs for line out and headphones. You plug your amplifier to the RCA socket and your headphones to the headphones socket and there you go. You switch between the two from inside the STX Audio Center. From the "Analog Out" pull-down menu, you select either 2 speakers or Headphone. It's very easy and intuitive.
    rul3s likes this.
  8. rul3s
    Impresive! Thanks you a lot! :)
    Can I ask you a last question? What drivers do you recommend me, last from asus website or UNi Xonar with Asus Control panel?
  9. phaenius
    You're welcome. It's not impressive, it's very intuitive. I personally use the latest UNi Xonar Drivers http://maxedtech.com/asus-xonar-unified-drivers/ but I also tried the ones from Asus official page and work as well in my case. You can give it a try on both.
  10. rjm003

    They are film type, the orientation doesn't matter. You just replace the four original ones with new ones in the same position.

    I don't claim it made any difference, but it doesn't hurt.

    The more time I spend with the stx the more I like it. Both the output and inputs are very low noise and low distortion. The headphone amp is good but the line outs can do better.
  11. Rainjam
    Thanks, will try that as soon as they arrive.
    For the price, the card's been great. And even if I'll upgrade to an external amplifier later, the line outs still suffice as a dac.
  12. recepky
    Hi everybody
    I have the STX card for the long time (over 2 years) with stock op amps and upgraded master clock.
    I want to upgrade the op amps. I am after lush, warm and smooth midrange with a little bit rolled of trebles(without completely losing them). I also dont need extra powerfull bass. Actually i am using the card mainly with KEF ls50 speakers. Sometimes i use HD600 headphones. What op amps do you suggest me ?
  13. Rainjam
    I recently installed texas instruments NE5532's, they're not very expensive (~6€ for five) and deliver the kind of sound you're after. (Look up rjm003's post, he described them as "warm, rich, lush" (p.346))
    recepky likes this.
  14. recepky
    I will buy NE5532AP for both IV and buffer stages, but I also want to order AD8620 for IV stage and LME49710HA matal can opamps.
    Which model should I buy there are more than 10 results when search on the MOUSER for instance "AD8620" ? can anybody help to find exact part?
  15. koaly
    Hi guys,
    i used two irons for de-soldering the original oscillator at ST card. But somehow the contact plates got out of the PCB. The card seem to be twicked by the previous owner and I assume he damaged the PCB contact plates.
    I hope there is still a chance to connect the oscillator via a wire to the place on the PCB that get a line from the damaged connection plate. Please advise
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