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Thanks for the tip, I got a BESP coming directly from Brise Audio. From what I read, compared to code 24, Brise Audio BESP won't change the sound signature of Z1R, but just overall improvement of the sound quality.
I was really sceptical of this cable until I had some random luck and came across a user locally.
I placed the order later that night and not while I was in the store as I was busy debating whether to buy the Brise Audio Tsuranagi which I happen to hear the same day.

Brise audio uses Z1R (both model) amongst the dozen or so IEM/headphone for tunning their cable.

It took me over 6 months to fully appreciate the bass of Z1R. It was too slow for me, but now I absolutely get it.

Now, to wait until end of April for a cable, I've never done that before.
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Please post us a picture that you feel defines your country.

Throwing in this one for the Netherlands.

One photo for the USA now that is an impossible challenge. There are so many different cultures and gestalts in this country.

I guess as long as the picture has a flag.
Here is one and it speaks to the rundown corners waiting for new birth maybe someday.
Some see an opportunity, some may just see a forgotten past.

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I was looking for some verification of my previous IEM impressions, and I revisited the ranking list from @Precogvision. To my surprise, Oriolus Isabellae received a 4.3 out of 10, which put Isa two places below Samsung Galaxy Buds+ :). The midrange of Isa only got 5 out of 5. I know, I know, it's just one person's opinion, and most people here won't approve even looking at any ranking list (except from cooler thread's own), but I have to say I am really surprised.
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We Hindus also have the Lord of Abundance "Ganesha" and his mother "Laxmi" the goddess of wealth.

In Southern India, we have Lord Tirupati Balaji, once again for abundance and wealth.

We have a God for everything. Ancient texts mention that we have 360 million Deities.

We have a wide variety of priests and astrologers who will help you fix any issues by the help of one or more deities.

I find all of this ridiculous just as I would with many practices in any religion but who am I to belittle anyone and why do I need to do it?

At the end of the day, trust triumphs beliefs.
I come to this forum to worship the Audio Gods and them alone! This has proven fruitful for an early Superbowl Sunday!
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Crazy how shockingly strange sounding the Xe6 sounds Initially, and then slowly becomes the most addicting Impactful set overtime .. took some time off of it and now I’m back in the wow zone 🫨❤️
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Interesting. That photo rendered in "HDR" style for me with increased "reference" brightness on my Macbook's display. Most don't. :upside_down: Also that's a cute feline! The "monocle" whisker is perfect.
Whisker management has always been a challenge with this little 8lb baby 😻🐈
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I come to this forum to worship the Audio Gods and them alone! This has proven fruitful for an early Superbowl Sunday!
See we have the same tip of choice for the Xe6 😌👍
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I also tested W1 for me it's on par with Azla Clears both very good. But SD++ is mind blowing maybe it's the combo with DX320 MAX TI.
Spiral dot ++ a close second behind the eletech baroque tips for me 👌
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I also find Spiral Dots++ some of the most comfortable tips around.
Don't forget these are known for massively changing the sound profile and accentuating mids and taming Treble and Bass (in contrast to older versions which did the opposite)
That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the pairing

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