THE Ultimate Step-By-Step Hifiman Headband Replacement Guide from OLDSTOCK Hifiman (HE-4/5LE/6/400/500) into the NEWSTOCK (HE-400i/560) !!!

  1. mrscotchguy

    That's a shame, then again, I didn't think the mod would take off the way it has!
  2. SKim1988
    Been lurking the thread for a couple of days.

    My HE-500 headband broke recently and I been looking for ways to fix it. I also contacted Hifiman about the replacement. It's crazy that they wanted me to ship it all the way to china when the cost of shipping would be way more than the repair cost of the headset.
    I been searching the forums and it seems like the using HE-350 as a transplant is the one of the only reasonable option to repair the headset.
    I was wondering, is there anyway to re-attach the screw onto the headband? I'm not too comfortable soldering and also I would also have to grab a soldering kit since I don't have one.
  3. canthearyou
    You have to do the full swap.
  4. SKim1988
    Thank you for letting me know.
    I guess I'll be on the lookout for a HE-350 and practice soldering while I search for it. 
  5. ThurstonX
    There are a few in the For Sale forum, and I saw one on Amazon.
  6. SKim1988
    Well, got a HE-350 from the trade forum. Hopefully it works out and I won't mess **** up when replacing the headbands of the HE-500
  7. canthearyou

    Just take your time and be clean. Make sure your work area is clean and free of ALL metallic items. The magnets are strong on these drivers. Also be sure to keep the drivers separated a good distance during the procedure.
  8. sharktopus
    If any of you are interested, I found some 3D printer models for replacement earpad rings. I made a few and they work great! They look like this (originals on the left):

    You can find the files here:

    He says to use PLA filament, but I used ABS in mine, and I think they're a bit sturdier.
  9. Joeyjoe26
    Audeze headband modded in

    Will be swapping the leather headband to the lcd4 carbon ones

    I'm a **** diy-er and this was done by my awesome cable guy
  10. Joeyjoe26
    On the left - sacrificed a he350. Hifiman Old and new combined

    On the right - audeze and a he6 mated. This is their offspring. Which is my fav!

  11. kid vic
    Any chance of a tutorial? Look pretty easy, but I just want to know for sure
  12. nerd1949
    Just a quick update, I recently bought a HE400i headband direct from Hifiman and did the mod in two hours. Hard part was one of the drivers was glued in and took some gentle but persistent pressure to get apart. After the mod was complete and I was using the headphones again, I noticed that the headband had come with metal cups on the each end of the part that gets inserted into the cups, they hard for me to see at first. I plan to take these off of the headband and glue (superglue?) these into the holes in the cups. Hopefully, this step will reduce wear and tear on the plastic parts.
  13. Sourcesys
    They told me they dont sell them seperate anymore? Whats wrong with that company...
  14. nerd1949
    Just emailed them (some back and forth) and sent them a paypal payment.
  15. nerd1949
    Just to clarify things... At first I thought that the headband turned inside the metal caps on the ends. But no, on further exam they are pushed tight and do not turn. One of them was not pushed on fully so I thought at first glance that the plastic swiveled inside the metal cap. So I will not be gluing them into the cups. I just made sure that they are fully on the ends of the headband. And also to be clear, the headband I got from HIFIman was the HE-400i headband. I was told that these are available again to buy separately.

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